Teddy Time

Ponder is better


Initial returns are in… Through one game, Teddy Bridgewater can’t match Christian Ponder when it comes to QBR, the derived statistic evaluating a quarterbacks overall effect on a team’s ability to win or lose.

Looks like another bust.

Links of the Day 9/21/14

Spending most of today in airplanes or at airports. Tomorrow, I will be back among the land of those who have actually watched sports this week.

Unfamiliar with winning, Purdue raised their W flag upside down yesterday.

Military hero. 

Just a guy getting some coffee.

Football League Championship
Blackburn 1 Fulham 0 – Fulham is a disaster this year
Purdue 35, Southern Illinois 13 – Purdue played a great first half, and it was enough to hold off the Salukis.
North Dakota State 22 – Montana 10 – Big markets in this game.
Wyoming 20, Florida Atlantic 19 – I’m not finding anything out about this game until I get a chance to watch it. Sounds tremendous though.
Minnesota 24, San Jose State 7 – The Gophers are winning the games they should. No arguments from me.
Northwestern State 30, Louisiana Tech 27 – This is a really bad loss for Louisiana Tech. Any FBS school loosing to an FCS school is bad news.
Nebraska 41, Miami 31 – A tough road game for Miami, but ACC schools probably shouldn’t be losing to Big Ten schools. Not this year.
Tampa Bay 3, Chicago 1 – The Rays and White Sox are both kind of bad teams.
Cleveland 7, Minnesota 3 – The Indians are climbing back into the race.

Links of the Day 9/20/14

My good friend is getting married today. I’m not sure that there will be any more posts today, but here are some links for you to enjoy while I’m out of here.

The Timberwolves still looking to make changes 

Roger Goodell did a bang up job with his press conference yesterday.

Michael Cuddyer had a pretty good game last night. 

Chicago 4, Tampa Bay 3 – The Rays have already been eliminated from the postseason. Before the Marlins!
Minnesota 5, Cleveland 4 – Trevor Plouffe was a walk off winner.

Twins hot take from Ohio


Glen Perkins is on the shelf while getting his entire arm MRI’d. I’m not sure that is a verb. Anyway, the Twins find themselves without a closer for the remainder of the season, There has been some speculation as to who the Twins will use in that role for the remainder of the season. Michael Tonkin? Anthony Swarzak? Lester Oliiveros?

Here’s my opinion. Are you ready? Here it comes…

It literally doesn’t matter one iota. The Twins are out of contention, there is liable to be only one or two save situations in that time, Perkins will be back next year, and the idea of having a dedicated closer is overrated anyways.

In equally irrelevant news, Pedro Florimon was claimed by the Nationals, cutting the number of shortstops on the roster from 14 to 13.

Links of the Day 9/18/14

Hey y’all. I’m in Ohio. They don’t actually say “y’all” in Ohio.

 A preview for the Wild season, in emoji.

Ryne Sandberg would like to see more power from Ben Revere. How fanciful.

Speaking of the Wild, by the way, Josh Harding is broken.

Football League Championship
Derby 3, Blackburn 2 – Derby against derpy.
Kansas City 6, Chicago 2 – The Royals are inching closer to the playoffs. Incredible.
Minnesota 8, Detroit 4 – The Twins are helping the Royals reach the playoffs. Whatt in the world.

NFL Computerized Power Ranks: Week 2

Last week, I successfully jinxed the Seahawks by speculating if they can remain as #1 in the ranks for the entire season, and they were subsequently beaten by the Chargers of all teams.  Seattle fell 8 spots to #9, and many of our other top teams from last week lost as well, with the hardest fall belonging to the former #2 Vikings, who fell 17 spots all the way down to #19.  The 7 remaining undefeated teams sit in the top 7 spots, and our new #1 is the Cincinnati Bengals.  Moving up to #2 are the Bills, and #3 are the Cardinals.  Rounding out the top 5 are the Panthers and Texans.  The season is very young so far, but there are definitely some non-traditional powers at the top of the standings.  The combined Super Bowl record of the 7 remaining undefeated teams is 2-15.  The Patriots sit on top of the pile of 1-1 teams at #8.

On the bottom, the Chiefs are the only team in the ranks who did not change position this week.  They are still dead last.  The Jaguars, Raiders, the Buccaneers (who lost to the Rams! at Home!) take their rightful spots at #31, #30, and #29 respectively.  Joining them in the bottom 5 surprisingly, is the Saints, who lost back to back shootouts to questionably talented teams based on last year’s results.  Uh oh.

The biggest gainers  this week were the Ravens and Redskins, who had nice turnarounds after losing bad in Week 1 (yes, replacing RGIII with Cousins is probably a nice turnaround) and jumped 13 spots each.  Their baseball teams also clinched division titles yesterday.  The Texans jumped 11 spots to #5.  As mentioned above, the big losers were the Vikings, who fell 17 spots, while the Dolphins, Lions, and Falcons each fell 10.

Here are the probably ridiculous playoff projections:

1st Round Byes: #3 Cardinals, #4 Panthers
#12 49ers @ #7 Eagles
#9 Seahawks @ #15 Bears
Top 5 Out: #16 Redskins, #19 Vikings, #20 Packers, #21 Cowboys, #23 Lions

1st Round Byes: #1 Bengals, #2 Bills
#10 Chargers @ #5 Texans
#8 Patriots @  #6 Broncos
Top 5 Out: #11 Ravens, #13 Titans, #14 Jets, #17 Browns, #18 Steelers

Week 3 Look-Ahead
Game of the Week: #10 Chargers @ #2 Bills (Not the Super Bowl rematch, this game)
Mismatch of the Week:(tie) #5 Texans @ #27 Giants, #30 Raiders @ #8 Patriots
Pillow Fight of the Week: #26 Colts @ #31 Jaguars (The Colts seem like the best 0-2 team in a while)

Full Ranks

Week 2
1 CIN 85.81 6
2 BUF 82.98 3
3 AZ 74.72 7
4 CAR 74.52 2
5 HOU 72.70 11
6 DEN 70.59 5
7 PHI 69.68 7
8 NE 60.73 9
9 SEA 59.31 -8
10 SD 56.80 8
11 BAL 55.89 13
12 SF 53.99 -9
13 TEN 53.99 -9
14 NYJ 52.90 -6
15 CHI 52.82 6
16 WAS 51.61 13
17 CLE 51.53 6
18 PIT 49.84 -9
19 MIN 49.19 -17
20 GB 48.87 7
21 DAL 46.61 9
22 MIA 45.32 -10
23 DET 45.16 -10
24 STL 40.20 -2
25 ATL 39.76 -10
26 IND 29.72 -6
27 NYG 25.08 1
28 NO 24.76 -9
29 TB 20.32 2
30 OAK 19.54 -4
31 JAX 18.35 -6
32 KC 16.64 0

Links of the Day 9/17/14

Just an FYI, I’m headed out of town this weekend, so posts may be more irregular than usual, but Eric J will be popping in here and there. I would say it’s a net gain for all of you.

Baltimore and Washington each clinched a postseason spot last night

Dee Gordon made a play while seated. Nick Gordon, his brother, is in the Twins system and hopefully not as lazy.

The Twins are looking out for a new minor league affiliate.

Chicago 7, Kansas City 5 – I’m a Twins fan and I was embarrassed to lose to a team as bad as the White Sox. Tough luck, KC.
Minnesota 4, Detroit 3 – The Twins almost blew it, but instead, it was the Tigers who blew a big opportunity to gain ground on the Royals.