Links of the Day 9/2/14

Hello! Now that the kids are back in school, take some time to read these links.

Jim Irsay was sentenced today for operating a vehicle under the influence.

The Phillies used 4 pitchers to get a no hitter against Atlanta last night.

The Twins have a survey for you. 

Minnesota 6, Baltimore 4 – Boy, this got out of hand late.
Louisville 31, Miami 13 - The first game for Eric’s team, and it did not go so swell.

That didn’t take long


I used to not want a playoff, but then, after some consideration, I came around to the idea of a college football playoff, so long as it rewarded what was going on on the field. I stated, IMMEDIATELY after the BCS era ended that we would grow to hate the new college football playoff, pretty much for the same reasons that everyone hated the BCS. First among those reasons was that the process arbitrarily and perplexingly selected two teams to play, and there was simply no accounting for the taste of the committee, or rather, the polls in question.

So now we have 4 teams, so now its completely played out on the field. Or not, since, you know, the four teams are still picked by a committee, not because they, say, won their conference or something silly like that. I assumed it would take at least to the first 4 tea playoff for the complaints to arise, because undoubtedly, someone would be left out that had a very good case for making it.

The Star Tribune posted an article last week, before games were even played that including this nugget:

The BCS caused anger and confusion by relying on computer algorithms. The playoff will lead to resentment from the team that finishes No. 5 in the committee’s rankings.

Consider this hypothetical: Five teams from power conferences finish the regular season with one loss. Good luck appeasing the fan base of the team not included in the playoff.

That’s what I said! Ooh, or how about this article? I never would have expected to see mainstream articles sour on the Playoff scheme this early, but I tell you what, it sure is promising!

Links of the Day 9/1/14

Hello, and happy Labor Day! In baseball, they are celebrating by expanding their rosters!

Youngstown State panicked and in the end, looked worse than Purdue. And this was against Illinois.

TSN, the Canadian ESPN now has 5 networks. 

Here’s Terry Ryan’s breakdown of the September roster expansion, and notably the players the Twins are adding.

Rosenborg 2, Viking 1 – I’m not sure how it happened, but Rosenborg is back in position for the Europa League.
Baltimore 12, Minnesota 8 – Not a good showing in Baltimore for the Twins.
Chicago 6, Detroit 2 – I literally have no idea who plays for the White Sox anymore.

Purdue wins!


In case you were wondering why Eric has handled the extensive Miami and Minnesota previews and there was none for Purdue, this screen cap via SB Nation should provide a good hint. Purdue went 1-11 last year, and they probably won’t be much, if any better than that this year.

OR, if you want me to be optimistic, Purdue is already on pace for a better record than last year! If they win against Southern Illinois next week, they will double last season’s win total! Heck yeah! Optimism! Ho Purdue!

But no, really, Purdue won against Western by a score of 43-34 last week. They only beat a MAC team by 9 points. Not only that, but they were at home. And not only that, but said MAC team also went 1-11 last season. Said MAC team lost to, among others, Nicholls State and every team in the MAC they played, except UMass.

Oh, and yes, Purdue won by 9, but they lost on first downs (24-22) and yardage (456-407), and they gave up 213 yards rushing, which bodes very poorly for Big Ten play. But I mean, for the expectations that Purdue has this year, the fact that they even won this game is a delightful thing to be celebrated.

Links of the Day 8/31/14

Labor Day weekend continues, but August ends. Let’s get to the links.

Purdue started the season with a stunning upset.

Bon Jovi will not be buying the Bills. 

Should have sent a Choco Taco. 

Football League Championship
Wolverhampton 3, Blackburn 1 – The Wolves were newly promoted this year. They after suffering two relegations in a row. The just can’t stay in one tier.
North Dakota State 34, Iowa State 14 – And the fun part is, Iowa State started up 14-0.
Purdue 43, Western Michigan 34 – And Purdue exceeds expectations with this win!
Nebraska 55, Florida Atlantic 7 – FAU is a Following the Compass school this year, and gets embarrassed in their debut. Sorry gang.
Oklahoma 48, Louisiana Tech 16 – Same story, different team. Sorry things had t ostrt off on the wrong foot like this.
Chicago 6, Detroit 3 – The White Sox are dismantling, trading Gordon Beckham earlier this month, and Alejandro De Aza yesterday.
Detroit 8, Chicago 4 (Game 2) - And they are now talking about trading away Adam Dunn.
Baltimore 3, Minnesota 2 – De Aza went to Baltimore. They also snagged Kelly Johnson yesterday. Opposite of the White Sox.

Ludogorets Razgrad had the most unlikely victory

On Wednesday, the final 5 teams to join the Champions League group stage were decided. One game in particular stood out: The contest between Ludogorets Razgrad of Bulgaria and Steua Bucharest of Romania was moving into its second leg in Bulgaria with Steaua on top 1-0. It went to the 90th minute goalless, until Marcelinho hit from outside the box. A golazo, some call it, or a wonderstrike, as others may say. That wasn’t the most impressive thing to happen in this game.

It was 1-1 now, on aggregate, which required 30 minutes of extra time. With a few minutes remaining, Ludogorets’ goalkeeper Vladislav Stoyana was sent off with a red card for a tackle (like, American football, futbol) of a Steua player. The game was nearly at an end, so Ludo was out of substitutions, and therefore, they needed to move a field player to in front of the net. This is like when Michael Cuddyer pitches, but with a lot more pressure. Why? Because with no scoring in Extra Time they would go to penalty kicks. Steua had the alleged advantage of firing them at Cosmin Moti, a center back, not a goalie. Here is the entire shootout:

If you want a spoiler, I’ll tell you: Ludogorets won. Moti had two saves. Ludogorets moved on to the first Champions League group stage in their history, and the first from Bulgaria in 8 years. They were down with seconds to spare, and won on penalty kicks without a goalie. Anything is possible

Links of the Day 8/30/14

College football Saturday is HERE. How will you celebrate?

Adam Jones cracks a joke that people who play in Baltimore shouldn’t make, but is hilarious for someone who isn’t from Baltimore.

Eli Manning was on Reddit earlier this week. Find out all you never wanted to know. 

There are badminton fans that are this big. 

Baltimore 9, Minnesota 1 - Not great, Trevor May.
Detroit 7, Chicago 1 - I don’t believe the White Sox are going to make the playoffs

Delmon Young is entering his prime


I’m not insisting upon anything or trying to prove a point with anything. Any point you come to, you are reaching those conclusions on your own. Here’s all I’m saying. This season, Delmon Young is hitting .299 with 6 home runs in 70 games. That’s good enough for an OBP of .340 and a SLG of .445, and an OPS of .785. That doesn’t sound like much, but please consider this. His OPS+ is 120, which is the second best of his career.

Just to demonstrate how strong Young has been at the plate this year, let’s look at the Twins. Here is the comprehensive list of players that have posted an OPS higher than Young while playing 30 or more games:

Danny Santana.

Furthermore, did you know Delmon Young is only 28 years old? That’s younger than these players that the Twins ran out into the outfield or made to be the designated hitter: Josh Willingham, Sam Fuld, Jason Kubel, Kendrys Morales, Chris Colabello, and heck, he’s only a year older than Brian Dozier, the still improving second baseman of the future.

So that’s all weird to think about, huh?

Links of the Day 8/29/14

Hey! Links!

Texas A&M came out and pounded South Carolina last night. But Johnny Manziel was the cause of their success last year.

An Eastern Illinois player got fresh with the Gophers last night. 

Adrian Peterson wants to play for the Cowboys. 

Minnesota 42, Eastern Illinois 20 – A solid outing for the first round of the season.
Cleveland 3, Chicago 2 – Abreu is good and all, but the White Sox are going to need to fill out that roster.
Minnesota 11, Kansas City 5 – The Twins are remarkably streaky right now. Tons of runs or no runs on offense. Even it out, and they could get a win or two extra on the season.