On the Menu: Saucy Beef

BeefI whipped up some Slow Cooker BBQ Beef today for dinner. Granted, I didn’t do much since it sat in the crock pot all day. Both Ryan and I gave the dinner a 10 out of 10.

The recipe was very easy to follow. The sauce had 6 ingredients to create, but I left out the liquid smoke. I didn’t really want to buy it. When I made the sauce this morning, it tasted a little too tart so I added some extra brown sugar. The chuck roast and sauce cooked in the crock pot for 8 hours and then kept itself warm until we were ready for dinner.

The food was amazing. I would recommend this 100%. It was a great cap to the day!

Links of the Day 10/6/15

Hi! Tuesday!

Detroit lost in the most Lions way possible last night.

The Dolphins have already fired their coach. Second year in a row someone was fired after a game in London.

Trevor May wants back in the rotation. 

Nothing today. Get used to it.

The 2016 Following the Compass selections have been made

The 2015 Following the Compass Games are coming up in December, as Maryland-Eastern Shore heads to North Carolina A&T as the Hawks face the Bulldogs, while about a week later, North Carolina takes on the Tulane Green Wave in a non conference tussle. Both of these games are basketball games, which makes that Tar Heel game especially exciting. Now, it’s time to look at 2016.

We are splitting sports again, with a college basketball game, and a college football game. The first game selected was the football game. This team is more famous for its scandal than it’s success, and most younger fans know them as a hapless group that is finally building a bit of respect. It’s going to be a conference game, at game 9 in the season. If you are wondering, that conference is the American Conference, and the team is Southern Methodist University.



And then, our basketball team. This is a team that comes from a major conference, and has had recent success, reaching the Elite 8 a few years ago, and winning a game this year. Still, their basketball successes aren’t matched by their football notoriety. It’s a school I have had issues with in the past, but am looking forward to following…. The Oregon Ducks!


For the Ducks, it will be a non conference game, played in Eugene. Game #3, early in their season next year.

Links of the Day 10/5/15

In a couple of hours, I’ll be announcing the Following the Compass teams for 2016. If that’s not exciting, then I don’t know what is.

In case last night’s post didn’t clarify it for you, here is the MLB postseason bracket

Drew Brees has 400 career touchdowns. That’s pretty good.

If Torii Hunter is done, at least he got a send off. 

Carolina 37, Tampa Bay 23 – The Panthers have a little time off, and are undefeated.
Indianapolis 16, Jacksonville 13 (OT) – So bad.
Denver 23, Minnesota 20 – Despite the loss, it’s an impressive result for the Vikings. Moral victory!
Green Bay 17, San Francisco 3 – The Packers were stifled by the 49ers D. The 49ers O is just,… uck
Rosenborg 4, Start 0 – Start just couldn’t get started.
Detroit 6, Chicago 0 – The Tigers finished last in the central, as everyone expected.
Kansas City 6, Minnesota 1- Danny Santana, final RBI of the season. Great year Twins, can’t wait for 2016

Who will win the World Series?


After all sorts of different potential machinations that could have lead to three team playoffs and what not… there are no ties, everything ended up falling into place nicely, and the playoffs are going to begin on time and without much confusion. You could listen through the podcast, posted earlier, to hear our predictions, or you could just continue to scroll down and see how Kyle Blume and I fell in our predictions. Boringly enough, we ended up reaching a consensus on our picks.

AL Playoffs
AL Wild Card – Houston vs New York Yankees: The Astros have been backsliding for the past month and a half or so. It’s tough to read much into a hot streak at the end of the year, but you could definitely see something out of a slump in those same months. Pick: YANKEES

ALDS: :Kansas City vs Yankees: While last season, the Royals had to grind their way through the endite season, they’ve been coasting for a while now. Will they be ready for a real game again? I think, perhaps not. The bullpen is also not as good as it was last year. Another pick that isn’t so much about the Yankees as it is about their opponent. Pick: YANKEES
Texas vs Toronto: This is  an interesting match up. Two teams that definitely weren’t supposed to be here, but made some bold mid-season moves that fueled an amazing run. The difference is that Toronto NEEDS to win this year. They are at a breaking point, whereas even when Texas made the moves, many thought they were planning for 2016. Texas will be more relaxed, Toronto has too much pressure. Pick: RANGERS

ALCS: Texas vs Yankees: Finally a match in which the Yankees aren’t facing a holey team unprepared for the series. Welcome back to the World Series, Texas. Pick: RANGERS

NL Playoffs
NL Wildcard: Chicago Cubs vs Pittsburgh: So much in the postseason rides on pitching. The Pirates simply don’t have a starter that can match Jake Arrieta right now, and the Cubs record isn’t as good as it could be simply because they didn’t have their best players on the team during the entire year. Pick: CUBS

NLDS: St. Louis vs Cubs: The Cardinals are always around this time of year, aren’t they? But the Cubs just seem so good this year, and the Cardinals seem so off kilter, and I am not afraid of their rotation. If any team won’t be afraid of the Cards, it will be a team from the AL Central. You know, like the Cubs. Pick: CUBS
New York Mets vs Los Angeles: Both teams in this series have been no-hit by Max Scherzer. Both teams will have a few more hits, though. I worry about the Dodgers in the playoffs. They seem to have overworked Clayton Kershaw in previous seasons. Will that be the same this year? And how about Zack Greinke, who must also be near the end of his thread? The Mets just have fewer innings/arm. Pick: METS

NLCS: Mets vs Cubs: Boy, who saw this coming. Well, a wild card team always needs to make the World Series, right? And if the Cubs are going to beat any team to get to the World Series again, it’s going to be the Mets, right? It HAS to be the Mets. Pick: CUBS

World Series: Texas vs Cubs. I mean, check the top of the page to figure this out, you know?

Rhino and Compass Radio Episode 25: The Season Finale

yan and Kyle look at the Twins with the season at its end, what may happen in the offseason, and reflecting on some of the positive developments of the regular season.
Read more at http://rhinoandcompass.libsyn.com/#qxm0r5eEUoAH0Fx0.99

Links of the day 10/4/15

Hey, sorry your weekend is over.

This was about the only way for the Marlins and Phillies season to end.

Also, from that very same game, Ichiro pitched!

Andrew Luck is still hurt, FYI.

Football League Championship
Blackburn 2, Ipswich 0 – It took a little while, but I guess the Rovers are going to get going.
Northwestern 27, Minnesota 0  Oh, that’s real bad. Just really bad.
Michigan State 24, Purdue 21 – Moral victory, for sure!
North Dakota State 28, South Dakota State 7 – The Bison aren’t going to let that slip up against Montana slow them down.
Kansas City 5, Minnesota 1 – The Twins were officially eliminated with this result
Chicago 4, Detroit 3 – This game was utterly meaningless, actually.

Who could have foreseen this?


I hate to keep beating this dead horse, but I have been vocal in my belief that the Colts are not a great team this year, and its lamentable because they’ve had signals for years that they had issues, and were given opportunities to address them. They have needed, again, for years, to bolster the front 7 on defense, and more importantly, to improve their offensive line.

The team has invested heavily in their passing game. They put all their faith in Andrew Luck, and added all sorts of weapons for him to throw to. But then they didn’t give him any protection. Everyone looked at the weapons and thought that the Colts would be unbeatable. I was skeptical.

Inevitably, Andrew Luck was hurt. When healthy, the team has gone 1-2, unable to get anything going on offense, generally because Luck hasn’t had time in the pocket. Because of that, he was regularly knocked around, leading to his injury. Against the Jaguars (the Jaguars!) Matt Hasselbeck was constantly under pressure, too. The Colts looked bad, and won only because the Jaguars didn’t execute.

The Colts are a poorly constructed team, and if anyone would open their eyes, they would recognize that already. It’s not an Andrew Luck issue. It’s everything else. Ryan Phillips of Rumors and Rants has it figured out.

Links of the Day 10/3/15

The weeeekend

Max Scherzer threw ANOTHER no hitter. That’s two this year.

The Star Trib with big news. Torii Hunter MIGHT be retiring after Sunday’s game. 

Andrew Luck sounds even more injured. 

Chicago 2, Detroit 1 – Srry Detroit. Can’t even be spared these final indignities.
Kansas City 3, Minnesota 1 – Nearly the finl nail in the coffin.

Has anyone ever watched the Twins?

Wednesday night, the Twins took offense to the reaction of young Jose Ramirez when he hit a late, meaningless home run and celebrated too vociferously. There was yelling. It was pretty intense.

I say it was intense because the Twins are notoriously laid back. The only bench clearing incident I can think of in the last 15 years was last year, when Glen Perkins celebrated striking out Josh Donaldson. That was super weird. Heck, we’ve even had Delmon Young yell at Jose Mijares for hitting a Tiger. This was when both were Twins.

Still, there were at least two outlets that seem convinced that there would be fisticuffs. 120 Sports, the outlet of Sports Illustrated insisted as much in this video recap. They even believe that, despite the lack of action, there may be some fireworks next year, since it didn’t get too crazy this year.

Now we know that there weren’t any attempts to exasperate this silly incident, so Craig Calcaterra of NBC sounds even more off base. “If Ramirez is in the lineup there is a 100% chance he’s going to get thrown at.” That’s a real live Calcaterra quote. It was not the most accurate forecast.

The Twins are, and have always been, reluctant to throw down. How did they get  this impression that they might want to fight?

Oh. Yeah, no way Ricky Nolasco is on the team next year.