Links of the Day 8/1/14

These are the dog days of Summer. I don’t know why dogs get their own month though.

As I referenced in yesterday’s post, the Twins made a deal, Sam Fuld for pitcher Tommy Milone. 

Austin Jackson was pulled mid game after being dealt to Seattle as part of the David Price trade.

These are tremendous uniforms. 

Europa League
Rosenborg 0, Kardemir Karabukspor 0 – Rosenborg has to win outright in Trondheim next Thursday in order to advance against the Turks.
Chicago 7, Detroit 4 – The Tigers DID lose their center fielder mid-game.
Kansas City 6, Minnesota 3 – I’m just glad the Twins kept the team together *sigh*

Kurt Suzuki meets the front office

08^441419 5Twin021814.jpg[Kurt Suzuki is called into the Twins front office]

KS: Hey guys. Is this is it? Am I traded?

Terry Ryan: No, Kurt, we want to work on an extension with you!

KS: Mr. Ryan, I really want you to reconsider this, for your own good. I

TR: Hold on for just a second, Kurt.

[Terry Ryan speaks on the phone]: No. No. Yes, we value him highly. He’s playing hardball but we are really trying to lock him down for a bit. Yeah. Sorry, John

TR: Sorry about that! Now, where were we. Is it a money issue? Years? What are you looking for, Kurt.

KS: Fellas, I’m having a career year and I’m already in my 30s. It’s very likely that I’ve reached my maximum potential and will fall back to earth next sea–

TR: I’m going to have to stop you there. Hang on.

[on the phone again]: Yes, hello. Seriously, he’s in the room right now. We’re still working on an extension. We’re pretty close, I think. How close? Um.. I guess he’s like 7 feet away. Yeah, OK, talk to you later.

TR: Should I get you something to drink? Is your contract signing hand all limbered up?

KS: If you lock me up, what are you going to do with Josmil Pinto? Doesn’t he deserve a chance? Aren’t I already pretty close to superfluous in the organization the needs a lot of help in other areas?

TR: We’ll probably just find a fat reliever to trade Pinto for. Heath Bell’s still around, right? Ugh, this phone is driving me nuts right now.

[back on the phone]: Willingham and Correia? For a package including who? I’m sorry, Dan, but we just can’t make a move today. I’m dedicating all my time to ensuring that we can lock Kurt Suzuki up long term.

KS: Are you serious? You aren’t going to make any moves today because you want to sign me, an aging catcher having an out of character career season?

TR: The pitching staff loves you, Kevin, they all say they feel like they pitch better with you on the mound. You’re getting the most out of them!

KS: Mr. Ryan, have you seen how well the staff has been performing this year? I think that if the pitchers are pitching as good as they can right now, you need to overhaul your pitching staff rather than keep me.

TR: I mean, we did already trade for Tommy Milone, so that’s been taken care of.

KS: Seriously? That was your move? Hey, why did your phone stop ringing?

TR: Oh, because it’s 315. Deadline passed. So, about that extension….

KS: Ugh, fine.




Links of the Day 7/31/14

Good morning! Or Afternoon! Whenever I get this thing posted! Will it it be before or after the trade deadline passes?

Cool story of the Twins signing a guy out of art school. He throws 100mph!

After showing the Pirates’ Josh Harrison’s fancy footwork, it’s only right that I share this incident as well. 

Darrell Hazell: Not the president.

Detroit 7, Chicago 2 - It’s always funny to see the White Sox score. Did Chris Sale pitch? no? Of course not.
Kansas City 3, Minnesota 2 - This game was blown late, and the Twins struggled on the basepaths. I am now predicting 0 trades today!

Red Alert: Trade Deadline tomorrow!


Do you hear those klaxons sounding? Those are the bells and whistles telling you that the trade deadline is nigh! As GMs get smarter and prospect information gets better, it’s lost some its luster, but it remains a well covered event that elicits all manner of reaction throughout the baseball community. Twitter and smartphones likely haven’t done much to cool the burning in our bellies for trade news. I don’t think there is much coming, however.

In days gone by, the big trade was often for a front end starter, but for many GMs now, the investment isn’t worth it. A handful of starts for a bounty of prospects? No thank you. David Price still has another year left, but if the Rays are contending this year, there is no way he’s going anywhere.

Similarly, with the addition of teams to the postseason, more teams are in contention and only the worst teams are truly out of it. If you are so bad that you aren’t in contention, you likely don’t have much to offer. If you do have something to offer, that player might be hurt, or if you are really that bad, your GM might not be able to capitalize on the value of the talented players.

I think some relievers will be traded, without a doubt. They always do. Maybe a utility player. At this point in the proceedings, however, especially with as close to the deadline as we are getting, and with as little smoke as there has been, I just don’t see many, if any deals of much significance coming through in the next 22 hours.

Links of the Day 7/30/14

Before we get to the links: There is a camel on the loose in Norway. 

The only worse owner than a Davis is Red McCombs. He isn’t involved here, I’m just saying this might be better for San Antonio.

UCLA is underwater, including Pauley Pavilion, after a water main break.

Rosenborg sold Cristian Gamboa to West Brom, but there is a snag. Hopefully it gets cleared up.

Chicago 11, Detroit 4 - Jose Abreu has 31 home runs now. I’m just going to say it. He’s the best Abreu in the league today.
Minnesota 2, Kansas City 1 - Kyle Gibson pitched amazingly well. And the Twins gained agame on the Tigers, woooooo!

Entertainment Roundup: Is this the future of news?

Katie and I went to a movie about a week or two ago, and among the trailers that we saw, we also saw one for Vice News. Not exactly this one, mind you, but similar. Big, bold and crisply shot, it grabbed my attention. I saw it again and again as it aired in commercial breaks for various TV shows I was watching. Vice is making a huge push for their video news agency.

It’s a trend in almost everything. Eventually, there is a return to something that was popular in a bygone era and refines it into its own. Fashion brought back thick glasses (great for people like me). After a synth heavy decade in the 80s, acoustic made a comeback. Recently, banjos and folk music got popular thanks to bands like Mumford and Sons. After years of blogging being the preferred mode of internet writing, “longform” essentially the writing of feature length articles, is being heralded.

Sensationalism and access are the two things that drive social media, and that’s what Vice is offering. Visually stunning video reports that you can watch at your leisure is pretty much the modern day equivalent of the newsreel, is it not? Will video reports like this, mini-documentaries start to replace the nightly news? Probably not on the networks, simply because they take too long, but it should make a healthy dent in network news, which spends a lot of it’s time on banter and studio shows.

I hope that, if Vice’s ambitions are successful, it will help to augment the existing sources of news and information out there, rather than trigger debates over legitimacy like blogging and websites did for the written word. I would rather have Vice and other outlets like it continue to put together hard hitting videos rather than waste time fighting criticism from the establishment.

Darrell Hazell inspires confidence

Today was the Big Ten media day for the Purdue Boilermakers and Minnesota Golden Gophers. The Gophers are on the upswing and Jerry Kill was enthusiastic but managed to temper expectations a bit. A lot of work to do, etc. Purdue is terrible and everyone knows it. Let’s go ahead and watch Darrell Hazell grasp at straws!

WOOOOOOO! Character! Work ethic! These are codewords for “Our team has terrible players, but they try hard.”

Game 1 is against powerhouse Western Michigan.

Most important. Not best. Not most talented. Just most important. Basically, they are the parts of the team that prevent the other players from getting killed.

Low expectations, depressing buzzwords, and a coach desperate to not say his team is outright awful. Purdue is going to be tremendous fun this year. Not for any good reasons though.

Who has been clamoring for Eric Fryer?!

I guess the question I have is what number is Terry Ryan’s threshold for “a lot”? Here is the list of players that had even the slightest bit of buzz before they came up:

Danny Santana
Brian Dozier
Oswaldo Arcia
Kyle Gibson.

So 4. A lot is 4 to Terry Ryan. Unles people have actually been calling for more Yohan Pino and Eric Fryer.