Less than 4 hours until the trade deadline



The Twins are in contention, they need to upgrade their bullpen, but rumors abound that they may be giving up significant prospects in order to acquire a starting pitcher. Don’t do anything stupid. Oh heavens. I’m so nervous. Don’t screw this up. Please please please don’t screw this up.


Less than 4 hours.

Rhino and Compass Radio Episode 20: Here comes the deadline

The guys try to play GM and prove one thing: Executing a trade is difficult, and that they don’t know anything. There were nearly a couple of cycles, and Target Field was pretty loud. The Deadline is later this afternoon! Hopefully this whole danged thing is still relevant when it posts!

Links of the Day 7/31/15


Carlos Gomez actually did get traded yesterday. He went to Houston.

The NFL was given a stern rebuke by the federal courts. 

The other big trade was David Price getting sent to Toronto. 

Europa League
Rosenborg 3, Debrecen 2 – 3 Road goals against one of the best teams in eastern Europe is a pretty stellar game for RBK.
Boston 8, Chicago 2 – Maybe everything isn’t THAT great in Chicago.
Minnesota 9, Seattle 5 – All the dingers. All of them. Two near cycles as well.

Twins on the precipice of disaster

Oswaldo Arcia

As a Twins fan, I am very worried about the Twins right now. Not just that they might miss the playoffs, but that they might entirely sabotage themselves in their attempt to do so. Here is the situation the Twins find themselves in: They are effectively out of the running for the division simply because the Royals are too good. That means they are playing for one of the two wild card spots. If they get in, they are guaranteed one game. That’s not the apex of this organization’s current trend, but it’s a great start.

Of course, the Twins haven’t clinched anything yet, but the external pressure on them is growing. Countless fans, writers and local commentators have called on the Twins to make a move. Many want the team to make a big move. Jim Souhan REALLY wants the Twins to make Oswaldo Arcia available. Dan Barreiro thought dealing effin’ Byron Buxton was a good idea.

If the Twins were actually in a position to be guaranteed a full series, I would be on board with the Twins dealing from their prospect pool to make a push to build a strong post season roster. They are not. The benefit of sacrificing one of their top players this year is simply not there.

Still, I wonder how compelled the Twins may be to make an aggressive move. They are sliding hard since the all star break. Will they want to stem the tide? Do they need to make the big move to mollify a restless fan base? With all the activity going on around yesterday, will the Twins want to keep up?

I say no. The reward isn’t enough. They don’t have the team for a short series right now, because they don’t have the starting pitching to survive. As much fun as this run is, it’s not likely to be a world series contender. That’s still to come. They still need to get better in the long term, and the best way to do that is not to overpay at the trade deadline, and save the big moves for the offseason. I just worry that the external pressure might be getting to be too much.

Links of the Day 7/30/15

The Trade Deadline is tomorrow. Things are going to be crazy.

The Phillies actually did trade Cole Hamels. They sent him to Texas. 

Carlos Gomez was nearly traded to the Mets, but then things fell apart in epic fashion. 

Oh, and while we’re at it, there was a three player trade yesterday as well. 

Pittsburgh 10, Minnesota 4 – Just a disastrous start, post-break.
Chicago 9, Boston 2 – The White Sox have come alive. Where did this come from?

Old friend Latroy Hawkins is still ticking

HawkinsI think there is no player more surprising in the league than LeTroy Hawkins. For one thing, he is 42 years old. For another, it took until he was in his 6th season to produce an ERA under 5. That was 15 years ago.

Hawkins was a symbol of all that was wrong with the Twins in the 90s. He was very shaky on the mound, but kept being run out there because other options were few and far between. He made his last MLB start in 1999. Things have been better since.

In the last 16 seasons Hawkins has been a steady, reliable reliever. Even in his worst seasons, like 2010 with Milwaukee, he had a FIP and xFIP under 4. Not dominant by any means, but certainly someone you could count on not to screw much up.

Hawkins has bounced around the league since then, but has left every team he played for with a good impression. Except, probably, the Twins, who saw Hawkins at his worst. Of course, they also had him at his best, in 2003 when he was worth 2.7 WAR. With yesterday’s trade, he left the Colorado Rockies, where he had closed as recently as last year, for the Yankees.

If nothing else, LaTroy is a good lesson in not judging a book by it’s cover, persistence, and thinking outside the box. We had to wait on Hawkins to develop, he had to change roles, but now he has lasted 20 years. A good lesson for us all.


Links of the Day 7/29/15

It’s all downhill from here.

The Tom Brady/Deflategate stuff is so dumb. And it’s dumb because of the NFL.

Coach Urban Meyer made of butter. 

Simply fantastic news from Kansas City and Eric Berry. 

Chicago 9, Boston 4 – Holy smokes. Where did these guys come from.
Pittsburgh 8, Minnesota 7 – Glen Perkins is combusting.

Local Hero speaks out for Minnesotans statewide



This is, by all indications, a real letter from a real person in Minnesota from Monday’s Star Tribune. 

The July 23 Taste section article “Some like it hot!” reports on the surging popularity of spicy dishes among the general blandness of Minnesota cookery.

It’s been obvious to anyone who visits restaurants that this has been the case for some time. Spicy food is everywhere. I have no beef with that. I didn’t mind a little of the heat when I was younger. But I’ve gotten to the age where culinary heat is not a matter of taste, but a matter of health. If I eat a spicy dish at dinner time, the heartburn keeps me awake most of the night.

My problem is that restaurants often don’t let me make an informed decision on what to order. I get ambushed by heat where I least expect it — in a tuna salad sandwich, a plate of risotto, a candied pecan atop a muffin or a pork chop doused in black pepper. Young servers especially cannot be trusted to help choose nonspicy dishes. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been assured “no heat,” and it still comes on the plate.

My plea to restaurant owners is this: Make an objective assay of dishes that are spicy. Let some heat-hater specify what’s hot and what’s not. Then provide the information to heat-hating customers, so that they can avoid that unpleasant burning sensation in their mouths and throats — and a sleepless night.

Thank goodness, someone had the courage to speak out against spicy food. This is the most Minnesotan thing I have ever seen.

Links of the Day 7/28/15

Hi, it’s Tuesday. Weird stuff happened last night.

The Vikings don’t care about stupid rankings. So they got one thing right.

Troy Tulowitzki was traded for Jose Reyes last night. Whaaaat.

The Cardinals have hired a female coach, the first in the NFL.

Chicago 10, Boston 8 – Chicago is scoring runs! Look at that.

The important thing is that we all support Adrian Peterson and realize he did nothing wrong.


Or something. Whatever compels people to drive to Mankato to celebrate a player who missed a season because he beat a kid is completely beyond me. This is exactly the problem that arose from Penn State. Too many people view football as being more important than the well being of children. That’s gross, no matter how you try to paint it.

Obviously, I hope Peterson recognized the error of his ways, and that he will, most importantly, be a tremendous father henceforth to his children, but for the time being, let’s not pretend that he was somehow wronged.