Links of the Day 4/22/12

There were some server issues early today, so many apologies for the late hour of these posts.

Let’s give it up for a long lived handlebar mustache.

I, as you should be, am pleased that the Vancouver Canucks have been eliminated from the playoffs.

The U is going to hire VCU’s Athletic Director to be their new Athletic Director.

Chicago 4, Seattle 0 – Phil Humber pitched pretty well in this one.
Tampa 4, Minnesota 1 – The team needs to score runs to win. /analysis
Tampa 6, Minnesota 2 – See?
Chicago 7, Seattle 4 – Oooh, good for you, Chicago, beating those scary Mariners!
Rosenborg 3, Tromso 0 – After 5 games, RBK is already on top of the table. Very nice.

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