Links of the Day 5/6/12

As you can imagine, Cinco de Mayo celebrations were a little intense, and I am not able to post until just now.

HURRY! Go watch Bryce Harper steal home! They will probably take down the video soon!

The Twins are planning on making Brian Dozier the team’s starter at short. He is 65 years younger than Jamey Carroll.

So, why doesn’t ESPN cover the NHL? Fascinating stuff, I guess.

MLB (5/5)
Chicago 3, Detroit 2 – The AL Central continues to beat themselves up. Now is the time for the Twins to make a move!
Seattle 7, Minnesota 0 – *sigh*
MLB (5/6)
Detroit 3, Chicago 1 – Delmon Young returned this weekend, if you care about him at all.
Seattle 5, Minnesota 2 – Ryan Doumit hit two home runs. Everyone else sucks.

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