Is David Gettis a sleeper?

Last night, I was flipping through the Fantasy Football preview edition of ESPN the magazine. In part of it, they identified 5 receivers that could be sleepers, looking for “guys with size and speed to burn”. Among the players they identified as a potential sleeper, primarily because of his ability to go downfield.

Is Gettis really poised for a break out season, or even a “sleeper” season? Gettis, as you may or may not know (Eric Wahlund definitely knows) plays for the Carolina Panthers, who are  lucky enough to have the very talented Cam Newton leading the way at quarterback. That’s very good for Panthers fans, but is it good for potential fantasy owners of Gettis?

Most followers of the NFL are aware that Steve Smith is still the top target for any Panthers quarterback. Newton went there first last year, and went there frequently. The second option, probably, would be Brandon Lafell, and ESPN addresses this, saying that Gettis and Lafell could split the downfield passes.

The problem with that logic, however, is Cam Newton. It’s not that he can’t fire the ball down field, it’s that he rarely takes the time to throw the deep ball. It’s often the attitude of a quarterback who is as athletically gifted as Newton (see: Tim Tebow) to take the ball and run under less pressure than a more established pocket passer. Smith and Lafell each averaged 17 yards per catch, roughly, which sounds pretty good, until you take into account their runs after the catch. Neither Lafell nor Smith averaged receiving the ball beyond 12 yards. If both the possession receiver AND the deep threat are averaging the same yardage at time of reception, it doesn’t bode well for the downfield game, does it? Newton was successful last year because of his feet and his check down passing, not by bombing it downfield.

This as nothing to do with Cam Newton or David Gettis. Newton is going to help the Panthers win games, and Gettis might too, but it won’t be because he is going downfield to collect his receptions. I don’t think David Gettis is much of a fantasy steal.

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  1. Did whoever wrote this story even see any of the games or highlights of the Panthers ganes last year He says Cam was successfull because of his feet he did not chuck it down field well . He completed many deep throws to (65 throws 20+ yards and 9 throws 40+ yards) and helped revitalize the speedy Steve Smith’s career. Newton also passed for over 400 yards in his first two games and broke Matthew Stafford’s rookie record for yards in a gam

  2. Mr. Nard
    I didn’t say he din’t chuck it down field well, I just said that the strength of his game is his athleticism, which perfectly paired with the game of Steve Smith, who often was able to get yards after the catch because of his speed and Cam’s ability to find him quickly. That said, he (Smith) doesn’t have the classic size of a deep threat, which is what Lafell (and Gettis) has.
    The point is, the Panthers aren’t geared for a deep passing game, but rather short to mid range passes and running the ball, either with their gifted backs or Newton.Smith and Newton both benefit by Smith’s speed AFTER the catch, as well as before the catch. If Gettis can break away after catching the ball (and he gets targeted enough after Smith, Lafell and the tight ends) then sure, he can be a sleeper. I just disagree with ESPN’s premise.
    Additionally, basing an analysis on Newton off of only two games is dangerous. With film, he averaged only 228 yards a game, which put him between Joe Flacco and Jay Cutler, one who is definitely a possession QB and another who had 0 receivers. Still good, but not exactly the same kind of production.
    And for what it’s worth, yes, you probably have watched more Panthers games than I have, so I appreciate your insight

  3. again while diregarding the stats laid out by realnard you try and state the same old lame arguments. Cam Newton is not a run first qb, as you are trying to allude to. His run plays were designed because of the limited time the coaches had to work with him. the previous stats were spot on as carolina went downfield a good bit. they ranked very high in plays over 20 yds. YACS or no yacs 20yds is 20yds.

    I had the same concerns about smith until I saw a youtube clip of some of his catches last year. for a guy of 5′ 9″ he seems to be getting open to me. please step outside the box and do an honest critique and stop repeating the same lines as everyone else who were wrong about Newton

  4. Mr. Dog (and anyone else reading this comment thread)
    I sincerely hope nobody thinks I am trying to denigrate Cam Newton in anyway. This post was merely one to refute ESPN’s assertion that David Gettis will be a solid sleeper candidate this year. The Panthers’ passing game isn’t one that is set up to suit Gettis as a top flight receiver.
    You’re right, 20 yards is 20 yards, but if Newton is throwing it 10 yards to Smith or Lafell (After which they add the extra yardage n their own, because they are open when he finds them) then he isn’t looking for the receiver that is 25 yards downfield, which is the role that ESPN projects Gettis to be in.
    Trust me, Cam Newton is extremely talented, and I know that. Maybe he isn’t a run first QB, but he certainly isn’t looking for the deep pass every time either. The quarterback that looks for the open receiver (and Steve Smith is open quite frequently) is a GOOD quarterback.
    In summary, not trying to bash Cam Newton. His offense works, just not if you are trying to add Gettis as a FF sleeper.

  5. After watching every Panthers game last season, I can see what everyone is saying here. In Ryan’s defense, the Panthers O-Line struggled at times to give Cam time to hit the deep ball and forced him to check down or run. Now, he/the Panthers like to use the TE’s and RB’s out of the backfield. This team likes to run and control the clock and that is hard to do when you are launching it downfield. Gettis will struggle to get touches this year in the fact that Smitty and LaFell are in front of him on the depth chart and, like I said earlier, they like to use TE’s and RB’s as well. Cam is not a run first QB and I think he proved that last year, now this year could be different, if they are winning games late instead of losing games, Cam may not throw for as many yards, which in turn could hurt Gettis’ production. All Ryan is trying to say is, I think anyway, that Gettis’ is projected to be a sleeper pick, but that is going to be difficult when you have the talent surrounding him in Newton, Smitty, DeAngelo, Stewart, Olsen, and now Mike Tolbert. Maybe just keep an eye on Gettis and pick him up if the Panthers start chuckin it or if someone gets hurt (God, I pray this does not happen) Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t fill a roster spot with David Gettis just yet. Cam Newton is awesome.

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