This doesn’t make any sense

So let’s boil this down. The Twins were not happy with Tsuyoshi Nishioka, and instead opted for Brian Dozier who had actually put up airly similar numbers to Nishioka this season.

Nishioka, as I pointed out, was improving in Rochester. Dozier was called up because he had been playing well in the lower levels for almost a full season, between the Twins minor leagues and the winter leagues in Arizona.

Now with 2  weeks before rosters expand…. the Twins have sent Dozier down to call up Pedro Florimon… I’m sorry? Florimon hasn’t really been good at all… .ever. Maybe his glove is decent, which is probably beneficial, but at this point, why not play out the string with Dozier? It’s not like he is going to straighten things out in two weeks. Improving the glove of the short stop won’t change the fortunes of this year’s team.

In short, this, plus the Nishioka move completely baffle me.

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