Links of the Day 9/22/12

Filling in for Ryan this weekend.  Here are the links…

An ESPN announcer almost said a bad word on TV, during a BYU game no less.

Melky Cabrera is in image repair mode, recusing himself from the batting title

The Onion is having some more fun at the Red Sox expense.  That’s right, I just linked to 2 articles with a word you can’t say on TV in the title

Kansas City 4, Chicago 3 – The White Sox wrap up the season 6-12 against the Royals.  This will absolutely be the reason why they end up missing the playoffs.
L.A. Angels 6, Chicago 2 – The only way the White Sox make the playoffs is if Detroit manages to suck even more than they do this month
Minnesota vs. Detroit rained out – Hey, at least the Tigers can’t gain a full game on the White Sox today
N.Y. Giants 36, Carolina 7 – Atlanta might clinch the NFC South by Halloween
English League Championship
Middlesbrough 2, Blackburn 1 – I know nothing about this, but at least I went through the effort to look up the score

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