Links of the Day 9/30/12

Last day of September. I’m already sick of Halloween decorations.

Alex Burnett isn’t special.

Strange to say, but I don’t know anyone who went to Minnesota Crookston. Looking at this, I have to assume that they got lost on their way to the Twin Cities.

If the NHL comes back this year… who are the teams you should hate as a Wild fan?

Iowa 31, Minnesota 13 – The score suggests a game that was closer than it actually was.
Purdue 51, Marshall 41 – The score suggests a game that was closer than it should have been.
North Dakota State 33, Northern Iowa 21 – And this score suggests that North Dakota State is among the best teams in 1-AA
Tampa Bay 10, Chicago 4 – The White sox are not going to make the playoffs, which is too bad, I guess.
Detroit 6, Minnesota 4 – The Twins, also, are not going to make the Playoffs.

One thought on “Links of the Day 9/30/12

  1. NDSU is ranked number one in FCS. The real test will be Saturday when they play Youngstown State, which is the only team they lost to last year.

    Also, I know a guy who went to college in Crookston. He’s a colossal shithead.

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