The Vikings are still not that great

The Vikings, especially on defense, have been better than I expected this season. They are certainly better than they were last year, but I don’t know how anyone can think their success will continue. In week 1, they were almost taken out by an abysmal Jaguars team (looking forward to seeing them on Sunday!). While their secondary is getting decidedly better, they were undressed by Blaine Gabbert. I pointed out that Gabbert has been surprisingly effective this year, but only inasmuch as he hasn’t thrown back breaking interceptions.

In week 2 the only reason the Vikings were in the game at the end was because the Colts took their foot off the accelerator after gaining a large lead. And the Colts just aren’t very good either.

Week 3 brought a win the Vikings that they can actually be proud of. Way to go, Vikings!

Week 4, their game just yesterday against the Detroit Lions was the best example of a smoke and mirrors game. If you take away a pair of kick return touchdowns away, then the game is 13-6 in favor of the Lions. Christian Ponder couldn’t throw the ball against a below average pass defense, getting only 111 yards. On defense, they seemed to do well, but were aided by dropped passes by the Lions.

The Vikings are 3-1 now. They could win this week against the Titans to go 4-1. After that, I see 1-4 in their next 5 until the bye week, and they may lose out after that. Don’t be too disappointed though, if you are a fan. A needed player will be added, Christian Ponder will show his worth, and assuming that th front office doesn’t tinker too much with the team, the Vikings could be a threat a lot sooner than certainly I was thinking.

You know, just not this year.

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  1. Obviously growing up in Minnesota as it says on your profile and being a fan of the colts you are anti Vikings. This team is atleast 9-7 they beat 2 playoff teams from last year. Besides are secondary we got a lot of high caliber defensive veterens on the team. With weapons like harvin, a healthy peterson and a solid defense, and an offense that doesn’t turn the ball over. This is old school football. This is a young team especially in the secondary and will get better week by week.

  2. This idiot thinks a punt/kick-off return for a TD isn’t part of the game. Maybe an interception isn’t either. Hell, why not count the whole deffensive line moot in the overall game. With just those two plays, the Lions would’ve scored a point more than they did. Maybe a cooking blog is more your style.

  3. Wow good evidence buddy! you can say the Vikings led up on the lions too when they ran the ball the whole time. You are stupid and don’t even know what you are talking about. I sense jealously and I will bet you they win the division and not by luck

  4. Thanks, guys, for all the witty rejoinders and well thought out counterpoints, but I don’t think that not being sold on a team after 4 games, a season after they only won 3, is all that controversial a point

  5. Your right but don’t forget Rodulph and Simpson.Simpson had 50 yards on 4 catches in his first game back and he will only get better too.

  6. Ryan, We ALREADY reached all of last years wins in 4 games. We lost to your Colts because I think the team took it as a gimmie. We learned from that game that NO game is a gimmie in the NFL. Don’t beleive me??? Well ask SF or Detroit to playoff teams from last year. Are your Colts after the # one pick again?

    • Nick, I don’t disagree with anything you have said. I even stated in the post that I do, in fact, think the Vikings are improved this year. The point was that I think some of their successes aren’t repeatable (for example, a strong special teams performance against a good team, rather than against a team with abysmal special teams coverage like the Lions), and they haven’t performed like a very good team against mediocre opponents yet.
      As for the Colts, I would be happy with 6-10 this year, that’s the goal I set for them going into the season. With Pagano now out, it causes some more turmoil, so 4-12 or 5-11 wouldn’t be that disappointing.

  7. Ya well I guarantee they are gonna be at least 10-5 this year and their defense will keep improving with the help of Winfield one of the best corners and still is and greenway and not to mention Allen. Ya we lost to the colts but you look at our D we have at least 8 notable players counting hard hitting smith at safety who has proved he is better than expected not to forget who put a great hit on one of the best recievers in the NFL also cook who can guard anyone Robinson let’s not forget Kevin Williams all pro what 7 years the D is stacked and young and ready to prove to ppl like u they are the next best thing. Offensively they have the two best players Harvin and Peterson no one can match those two even NFL announcers say it buddy then u put Jerome with them and Rudolph the next best tide end and now a line that has only gave up what 2 sacks? Ya buddy real stats there they are no joke you better realize they are good and they will prove jealous fans like u who haven’t realized this team will win the division and in style!!!!!!!!!

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  9. while it’s impossible for anyone to really say what the vikes record will be at the end of the season, great teams find a way to win. and the vikes are winning. our special teams, def, and running game looked great against the lions. i’m excited about the team we have!

  10. four games its not how we start its how we finish playing good solid football should have beat colts very excited hope they dont listen to all the hype and keep playing hard brian bilick said this team is no good now listen to him go vikes

  11. Wow really have to disagree. After watching the Vikings dominate the 49ers on both sides of the ball, to say that the vikings will go 2-4 to the bye and then lose out is simply moronic.

    The Vikings did what they needed to do to beat Detroit. You can’t just remove 14 special team points and assume that the score would have been 13-6. The Vikings played much more conservative then they would have had they not had a 14 point lead. It’s just imbecilic to think that way.

    The Vikings are a surprise after week 4, and what they have showed me is that Frazer is a much better coach than I thought he was and the Vikings are playing like a TEAM. I don’t know if they are a playoff team yet, but it would no longer shock me if they were.

    You have them finishing 5-11 and I think that is simply ridiculous. Worst case 8-8.

  12. A lot of people came into the season thinking the Packers were the best team in the NFL. Well…

    The 49ers beat the Packers
    The Vikings beat the 49ers
    The Colts beat the Vikings
    The Jaguars beat the Colts

    So is the best team in the NFL the Jaguars? (Hey, the Vikings beat them too, so maybe that puts them back on top?)

    Bottom line is, the NFL is very unpredictable this year. All we know at this point is that the 3 4-0 teams have a mathematical better chance of making the playoffs than the 2 0-4 teams. Everything else will get worked out over the final 13 weeks. I don’t think the Vikings will finish 5-11 because that is based on a logical guess by looking at their schedule and guessing at how good the other teams are. Just on randomness alone, I would be surprised if they didn’t win at least 4 or 5 of their remaining games, if not more.

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