Links of the Day 10/3/12

I don’t think the Vikings are super awesome yet. This means I am an idiot. Everyone have that our of their system? All right, fantastic.

Tom Brady is just too classy for Buffalo.

This own goal really hurt. Physically, I mean, not just emotionally.

Adam Greenberg, hit in the head in the only MLB game he had every played to that point, gets another at bat.

Cleveland 4, Chicago 3 – Out of the playoffs, and now losing to the Indians. Ouch.
Toronto 4, Minnesota 3 – The Twins have secured the worst record in the AL. Awesome!
English League Championship
Blackburn 0, Nottingham Forest 0 – Wait, Nottingham Forest? Isn’t that supposed to be Sherwood Forest? And aren’t all of these places fictional? No? I’m so confused.

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