Every plan revolves around Shaun Marcum

Now is the time when people come up with their master plans for what will and won’t fix the team of their choosing. Of course, for me, that is the Twins, so I pay close attention to what everyone else has to say. I don’t have any free agent optimism, but everyone from Parker Hageman to Phil Mackey do. And they all believe that Shaun Marcum, formerly of the Blue Jays and Brewers, belongs in a Twins uniform. The Twins never do what people expect them to do so it probably won’t happen, but since Shaun Marcum is showing up in every Twins offseason preview I see, I figure it’s time to do a little due diligence.

Pro: Should come cheaply, as he is coming off injury!

Con: EVERYONE seems to want him, so he won’t be cheap!

Other Con: He’ll probably need Tommy John surgery. Or would, if he comes to Minnesota.

Pro: High strikeout rate!

Con: Doesn’t pitch to contact

Pro: Manly beard

Con: Doesn’t smile quite hard enough.

Con: Not an ace pitcher

Pro: Fits right in!

Con: Not much of a ground baller

Pro: The Twins have an awesome outfield defense!

Con: All of the plans revolve around trading Denard Span too.

So now we know what to expect if the Twins add Shaun Marcum. If it happens.

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