Links of the Day 11/12/12

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This very well could be the best play of the college football weekend. (Texas A&M upset #1 Alabama)

To the horror of everyone, Purdue may end up bowl eligible.

And here is a fight in the NASCAR garage.

Fredrikstad 1, Rosenborg 0 – And now RBK is just mailing it in. Locked into 3rd place in the league, eliminated from Europa League. What’s the point?
Denver 36, Carolina 14 – The NFL is legitimately debating whether or not this is Peyton Manning’s best season right now.
Minnesota 34, Detroit 24 – The Vikings have more wins than I had predicted. I was wrong. Additionally, the Lions are terrible.
San Francisco 24, St. Louis 24 – The 49ers tied. I don’t know how to feel.
Houston 13, Chicago 6 – Super Bowl preview? (no…. one way or another)
Purdue 83, Hofstra 53 – Back on track! All right Purdue!
Minnesota, New Jersey – Well, the Wild didn’t lose this weekend…

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