Links of the Day 11/16/12

It’s Friday, baby! Go out and drink something! (Ice water for me!)

Weirdest hair I’ve ever seen.

A good breakdown on how devious Jeffrey Loria is.

Drunk Vikings fan. Industrious, creative.

St Louis, Minnesota – If you hadn’t heard, the NHL’s new strategy is to not negotiate anymore. So screw you, NHL.
Kansas 69, Chattanooga 55 – Kansas struggled earlier, but the difference in these games is the last 10 minutes. It always is.
Minnesota 72, Tennessee State 43 – Apparently the Gophers looked really bad in this game. So that’s impressive.
Villanova 89, Purdue 81 (OT) – I guess there was some officiating tom foolery at the end, but I was asleep. I am just impressed that they came back and made it a game.

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