Links of the Day 11/21/12

Only a month left in the world. Spend it listening to yesterday’s episode of Rhino and Compass Radio. 

The Twins are going to take a long hard look at the minor league free agent market. Because the Twins are a minor league team.

ESPN will air all of the NCAA Football Playoffs. Pretty excited to see Maryland in there.

The best Thanksgiving games ever. Perhaps there will be one or two good ones tomorrow.

North Dakota State 57, Duquesne 43 – The Bison beat a team from the A-10. So I guess that’s something.
Kansas 73, St. Louis 59 – The Billikens were predicted to be one of the top teams in that same A-10 conference this year. I don’t think the A-10 will be very good…
Minnesota, Calgary – Hey, the NHL and PA Are talking again! Nothing will happen, but, you know, talking!

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