Links of the Day 12/9/12

Oh my. That is some serious snow.

Boxing is just plain weird, right?

Another terrible tragedy comes over the NFL.

Remember when Zack Greinke was a Royal?

Kansas 90, Colorado 54 – Rekindling an old Big 12 rivalry, about the same as it wen when they were conference rivals.
Eastern Michigan 47, Purdue 44 – I just don’t want to talk about this.
Minnesota 71, USC 57 – Minnesota is pretty good this year. Remember that when people say they aren’t halfway through the Big Ten season
North Dakota State 14, Wofford 7 – And the Bison will face Georgia Southern in the next round of the FCS playoffs.
Carolina 30, Atlanta 20 – Cam Newton is finally on his way back. A little too late, though.
Minnesota 21, Chicago 14 – Well, this took me by surprise. Good game, Peterson. (Adrian Peterson reads this blog)
Indianapolis 27, Tennessee 23 – Andrew Luck through some touchdowns for the Titans too. But hey, Indy is officially a winning team this season.

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