Links of the Day 12/17/12

Sorry… the day got away from me. What are you doing waiting for me to post links, anyways?

Zinedine Zidane immortalized forever. 

Hey, Ricky Rubio is healthy!

Rating the bowl game QBs 1-70. Any guesses ant #70?

Green Bay 21, Chicago 13 – It appears that Green Bay will just win the NFC North anyway.
Houston 29, Indianapolis 17 – The Colts lost, yes, but I’m not convinced that they are that much worse than the Texans
Minnesota 36, St. Louis 22 – The Vikings are like the early 90s Lions. Good–GREAT–running back, terrible everything else.
Carolina 31, San Diego 7 – Sure, the Chargers are bad, but it’s really tough to change 3 time zones and come up with a win.
San Francisco 41, New England 34 – See above, except the Patriots are pretty good.

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