Twitter, you are no Baseball-Reference

Cliff FloydSteve and I used to have a thing where we used to make fun of the Mets for their Cliff Floyd contract. It spiraled out of control, and we talked about Cliff Floyd way, way too much. He was a staple at Is It Sports? and the Victoria Times. Naturally, when I found out he was on Twitter, I had to follow him.

A couple of days later I got the “suggestions similar to Cliff Floyd” e-mail. Immediately, I thought of and the comparable players feature. How well did Twitter do?

First suggestion: Andy McCullough: Not even the right profession. McCullough is a writer, but at least he writes for the Mets at the Star-Ledger

Second Suggestion: Matt Harvey: Right sport, right team, wrong position. Harvey is just getting his career started, with only one season of experience for the Mets, so he doesn’t really fit with Floyd’s lengthy career. Oh, and he’s a pitcher.

Third Suggestion: Carlos Lee Probably the best of them all. Two big, lumbering, injury prone corner outfielders. Both with large, burdensome contracts. Sounds perfect! Are they similar statistically? Well, suffice to say that Lee’s most comparable player over the course of his career is Hall of Famer Orlando Cepeda. Cliff Floyd’s is Aubrey Huff.

So, no. Not really comparable. Try again, Twitter.


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