What is the market for Delmon Young?



Delmon Young is still a free agent. I know you all hate him, everyone from Minnesota to Detroit, but the fact remains, he is only going to be 27 in 2013, and a career average of .284 with 89 home runs. If someone wants a little bit of pop from the right side of the plate, Delmon has some value. Obviously, this value is limited, but there is SOME.

So who will go after him? Let’s try to narrow down what teams might be interested in the former #1 overall pick.

First, let’s ax the National League. As I have noted, he provides no value defensively, so let’s look for teams that might have a need for a DH.

Second, teams for whom he has played have almost all soured on him. So long, Twins, Tigers and Rays.

Also, let’s drop the Yankees for obvious reasons.

Let’s also skip the team that has likely reached their spending limit. That means Toronto

Last, let’s drop teams that have established DH’s or teams that have addressed their concern this offseason: Boston, Chicago, Kansas City, Houston, Los Angeles, Oakland, Seattle and Texas.

So who does that :leave? Baltimore and Cleveland. My guess is that he signs with the Indians, but the Orioles have had a recent predilection for former Twins.

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