Links of the Day 1/21/13

It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which means you probably have the day off, and I can’t cash my checks. Also, it’s inauguration day, which is a big deal. Lastly, there will be an episode of Rhino and Compass Radio tomorrow afternoon at 3pm.

Seattle is getting a basketball team again.

Bob Huggins felt the need to apologize publicly for their loss to Purdue. I can’t help but feel insulted.

I need to see more of this celebration. 

NFC Championship game
San Francisco 28, Atlanta 24 – Congratulations, 49ers, on your tri to the Super Bowl. Steve is probably happy.
Minnesota 1, Dallas 0 – Zach Parise scored his first goal in a Wild uniform, and Josh Harding secured a shut out. Then nothing else happened.

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