Carlos Gomez has Twitter all figured out

Do you remember Carlos Gomez? Lanky kid, fast, played center field for the Twins? He was supposed to be a key element for the Twins outfield going forward. Then Denard Span and Ben Revere came along. Anywho, I was recently introduced to his Twitter account, @C_Gomez27. When he tweets, it is in Spanish, which is important if you want to learn a new language. More importantly, Gomez tweets pictures. A lot of pictures. A lot of surreal pictures. Some favorites are below.

First, a little training on the beach,

Which leads to a little Gomez and friends exhibitionism

The Gomez family has a very similar sense of fashion

Although I hope nobody shares THIS fashion sense.

Now we get really weird. Carlos Gomez with a shotgun and an ostrich.

Gomez with a fistful of dead chickens.

Carlos Gomez with Manny Ramirez, at what appears to be a picnic.

And last but not least, Carlos Gomez with a fake afro

CArlos Gomez appears to have a sense of humor, but at the same time, I think he might not know whats going on. I think thats a fair asssesment, given how he was at the plate.

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