Links of the Day 1/23/13

Good morning, I hope you are all staying out of trouble. Be sure to check out the latest episode of Rhino and Compass radio, taped yesterday. Or perhaps you could check out the video version at Bambuser (These still need work)? Just a thought. You can always get these updates on the Rhino and Compass Radio page on the top bar.

Delmon has a new home in Philadelphia. 

Did Bill Callahan sabotage the Super Bowl?

Well, I guess the owners don’t really have a disincentive for locking out players again, do they?

English League Championship
Blackburn 1 Brighton and Hove Albion 1 – Discouraging. I think Blackburn will get knocked down another level before they return to the Premier League.
Nashville 3, Minnesota 1 – The Wild lose their first game. They are having a tough time finishing, but are getting a lot more chances. Hard not to be frustrated.
Kansas 59, Kansas State 55 – Definitely one of the toughest tests the Jayhawks are going to get this season in the Big 12.

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