The NFL is off the hook

confettiangelCornerback Chykie Brown really enjoyed the team’s win in the Super Bowl. Perhaps he was excited because he, like the rest of the country, though that the 49ers were destined to come all the way back.

Before the game, Steve and I were discussing this post, and said that, if the league really was fixed, at some point, the lights would turn off, and the Broncos and Giants would run on the field with folding chairs, and next season we would have a feud, trying to establish whether or not the Mannings or the Harbaughs were the best brothers in the NFL.

Well, then the lights actually DID go out. There were no folding chairs, but the course of the game definitely changed. The Ravens were up 28-6, and the momentum was entirely in their favor. Coming into the game, the focus was on the 49ers and Colin Kaepernick, the Exciting New Thing, and they were way behind. The lights went out, then the 49ers were on.

So forgive me, Chykie Brown and the rest of the world if it seemed inevitable to us that the 49ers were going to complete the comeback. The NFL seemed fixed, the 49ers seemed like they were getting the push, and we were all just bidingĀ our time until San Francisco won the Super Bowl.

But that’s not what happened. Baltimore held on. The NFL is not fixed. Or if it is, they have better writers than anyone expected. Nice work, NFL, keeping us on our toes.


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