Links of the Day 2/17/13

I’m ready for summer. Not a fan of walking over 4 inches of ice on the sidewalk.

It’s not cool to be racist.

The Dude’s baseball shirt has been around.

The win over/unders from Vegas for the MLB season. The opinion, mostly, is that the Twins will be bad again.

FA Cup
Blackburn 1, Arsenal 0 – It was the first time that Arsenal has lost to a lower level team in Arsene Wenger’s tenure, and the first time since 1993 they lost at home in the FA Cup. So it was a big win for the Rovers.
Indiana 83, Purdue 55 – Not a good afternoon of competitiveĀ basketball yesterday. Of course, Purdue’s was the only loss among Scoreboard teams of the bunch.
North Dakota State 75, IUPUI 39 – Just not a good day for schools with “Purdue” in the name (the P stands for Purdue)
Kansas 73, Texas 47 – The Jayhawks have figured out how to win again.

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