What are the Colts doing?!

Erik Walden

Well, the Colts decided they needed to go out and add some players via free agency. As I stated a few days ago, this was a good free agent market for the Colts, as there were several players that suited the Indianapolis needs. The Colts definitely tapped the free agent market, but they didn’t ever seem to look for the top names on the market. Compounding the problem, they paid the players they did sign way too much money. Let’s run through the names.

Erik Walden, OLB: I’ve never seen a signing¬†so widely panned as this one. I talked to a couple of Packers fans that claimed he was all right, but I have heard a lot more people say that this was the worst signing of the first day of free agency, given his lack of effort and knack for getting lost in big games. He will be a starter in Indianapolis.

Lawrence Sidbury, OLB: Who?

Gosder Cherilus, OT: Well, let’s see. Cherilus was among Matt Millen’s uncomfortably poor draft picks, but last season, he seemed to turn it around a bit. You know, his contract year. Naturally, he got his contract. Will the performance remain high? Even if he is sluggish and lazy, the right side of the line needs help, so maybe old crappy Gosder will be good enough. He was just paid too much.

Greg Toler, CB: Toler was a spare defensive back in Arizona, and will now be a starter in Indianapolis. Spare part in Arizona. Starter in Indy. Just let that sink in.

Donald Thomas, G: Thomas will start at right guard. Legitimate concerns because he was never a starter, but he was behind some top shelf talent in New England. He may be a better fit than Cherilus. Cherilus is making a lot more money.

Laron Landry, S: The Colts liked him enough that they dumped Tom Zbikowski, so that’s saying something. I think.the biggest concern is that he has always been an injury risk. The next Bob Sanders! Also check out his crazy¬†tattoos (below). Landry is widely known as one of the most freakishly muscular players in the league, and if you can put tattoos on the front side of your shoulder/neck muscles, then who am I to argue?



Ricky Jean-Francois: This fills a need! The Colts needed a run stopper, which Jean-Francois is (he has three first names, and two of them are French!). He only played a quarter of the time for San Francisco, but I chose to believe that’s because the 49ers defense was so good. The problem with this signing was that it was for too much money.

So the Colts have… filled out the roster. It remains to be seen if they improved, which is an uncomfortable perspective when you quickly add 7 players. They are also at their cap limit which means moves need to be made, and they haven’t even reached the draft. The Colts had obvious holes to fill, and they certainly tried. They didn’t attract any top talent, though, and spent too much money and have other issues to deal with because of it. The Colts made strides last year, but hopefully this truly bizarre week hasn’t hamstrung them for the future.

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