Links of the Day 4/13/13

Good morning! It’s still morning! I think I am going to be able to cobble together an episode of Rhino and Compass Radio tomorrow, so please be ready for that.

The college hockey championship is tonight. Here is the story of Quinnipiac’s (formerly Yale’s) equipment manager.

The Vikings are hiring.

Minor fisticuffs over Wilkin Ramirez’s bat.

Rosenborg 1, Start 1 – RBK got off to a good start against Start, but you always need to finish what you start if you start it against Start. (Really though, this was the first challenge of the season for RBK, and the Trolls looked startled)
Cleveland 1, Chicago 0 – What an unbelievably dull game this must have been.
New York Mets 16, Minnesota 5 – This was a dull game for other reasons.
Football League Championship
Blackburn 2, Derby County 0 – The Rovers look like they won’t be relegated in consecutive seasons.

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