Bjoern Werner is coming to the Colts!


The Colts did such an awesome job of re-stocking with offensive players last year, it seemed fair to expect them to nail this year’s draft. They needed help on defense, and they needed interior linemen and they likely needed more pick than what they started with. Tonight was only the first round, so there is more to come, but I thought I would share a quick thought on Bjoern.


The Colts aren’t really known for their early round defensive selections. Jerry Hughes? I don’t think they nailed it since Dwight Freeney. Of course, Bjoern will be there to replace Freeney. The odd thing is, with the Colts going to a 3-4, Freeney wasn’t a good fit for the Colts, and they drafted a guy who is even more ill suited for the scheme. Oh, and Bjoern only started playing halfway through high school.

That said, Jason Pierre-Paul was the same profile. Athletic freak who came to football late and is now still producing in the NFL. Let’s hope that Bjoern can do the same thing. Let’s also hope they don’t regret the overall dearth of picks down the road.

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