Links of the Day 5/6/13

I hope you are all recovered from your weekend, because we got links.

Jonas Brodin, who in the eyes of many was the best NHL rookie of the year, isn’t even a finalist for the ROY trophy (or Calder if you know what’s up)

I’m about 7 seasons behind, but former NHLer Bates Battaglia won the Amazing Race.

Slow news day in Saint Louis.

Minnesota 4, Cleveland 2 – The Indians had a 6 game winning streak going. Not anymore, suckers!
Kansas City 6, Chicago 5 – The White Sox couldn’t come back, despite scoring 4 in the 8th.
Stanley Cup Playoffs
Minnesota 2, Chicago 1 (OT) – This is the second playoff win in 5 years for the state of Minnesota. Hooray!

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