What do the Wild need to be successful?

Tw Wild made it to the postseason which, in my opinion, is a major accomplishment for the state. I can’t underscore how depressing this place as a sports fan. For example, I am going to the Twins game tonight, it is 50 degrees and windy . It will be the best weather I’ve had for a home game this season.

So we have to give the Wild credit for actually making the posteseason. Sure, there were greater expectations, but that didn’t work out like we wanted it to. What do the Wild have to do going forward? IIt seems like the team has the right blend of stud veterans and extraordinarily talented youngsters. Some, like Mikael Granlund have been slow to develop, but are still making progress, and should be able to step in before too much longer. It seems like they have the right mix to be winners. Why aren’t they? Well, I have a three step process that is sure to ay dividends.

STEP ONE: Stop getting hurt. Having Nick Backstrom and Dany Heatley would have been rather beneficial, don’t you think? So instead of getting injured, stay healthy. That’s step two.

STEP TWO:Go back to the original green sweaters. The new green ones are boring and the red ones are just ugly. Switch it back to these numbers:

WildoriginalThe Wild actually won in the postseason with these, and they actually look good. It’s science. I am a scientist.

STEP THREE: Move out of Minnesota. Minnesota is bad luck. IT has been forever. Oh, you think this is crazy talk? It worked out for the Lakers, Kevin Garnett and the Stars. Cold blooded, I know, but it’s the only way.


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