9 Games

burn it downThe Twins have now lost 9 games in a row. They are terrible. There is only one solution. Burn it down.

Everyone on the staff, fire them. All of them. Terry Ryan Ron Gardenhire, Joe Vavra, the guy who burns hot dogs by Section 129 on a daily damn basis, TC Bear. Everyone.

Trade everyone. Josh Willingham. Joe Mauer. Oswaldo Arcia. Trade them. Trade them all.

Then set fire to Target Field and roast Andy MacPhail in effigy over the smoldering embers.

Run the Pohlads out of town.

Or, you know, be patient and realize that there is a plan, and 2013 is an inconvenient speed bump. The Twins are now at the record they probably were expected to be at by this point. They have young pitchers that will take a couple of years to make it to the big leagues. Oswaldo Arcia is the first of a wave of talented prospects that will repopulate the offense.  This season means nothing.


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