Quick scouting report on Kohl Stewart

The Twins selected right handed pitcher Kohl Stewart in tonight’s draft. I know literally nothing about about him (or for that matter, any of the other prospects), so I did a Google search to find out a little about him. Let’s make some rush’s to judgment!

Kohl StewartUm… Hold up. This was the Twins’ draft pick right, and not the Vikings? /double checks. Hmmm. Does Kohl know this?

Anyways, the Twins selected 14 year old right handed quarterback out of a high school in Texas. I like the fit with the Twins. He can talk to Joe Mauer about being a quarterback and then watch Mauer’s kids when Joe and wife need a night alone. Stewart looks like a very trustworthy youngster. I’m sure he is very excited to play baseball with the big kids.


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