The Phillies have an amusing outfield

On Tuesday, the Phillies played the Twins and fielded the most visually amusing outfield I can remember. In left field, they have slugger Dominic Brown, and in center, they played popular former Twin Ben Revere. In right field, they usually play Delmon Young, but since they were able to play a DH, they had Delmon fill that role and played John Mayberry instead. Brown is 6’5″ and Mayberry is listed at 6’6″. I’m sure you remember Ben Revere. He’s not very big. At only 5’9, it’s tough to pick him out from the crowd. Look close, he’s in there!



If I had been on the other side of the field, you wouldn’t have been able to see Revere around Mayberry. You can barely tell that he is there now!

Here, take a look at the fielders leaving the field:

20130611_201407He looks like a little kid chasing big brother off the field. Why don’t the Phillies have any mid sized outfielders? The Phillies outfield only comes in small and extra large, and it’s hilarious.


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