Challenge accepted, Minnesota Twins

Ah yes, Minnesota. I’ve been here a while, I can help you out with a little marketing.

– Prince
– Bob Dylan
– Semisonic, for some reason
– Twinkies
– The State Fair
– Deep fried Twinkies
– Diabetes
– Betty Crocker
– Lucky Charms
– Still diabetes
– Failed Zipper Merges
– Cars driving 10mph below the speed limit in the fast lane
– Lake Minnetonka
– Vikings sex boat
– Joe Mauer
– Joe Mauer’s hair
– Joe Mauer’s sideburns
– Passive aggression
– Or not, whatever, do what you want
– Snowplows
– SuperAmerica
– Duck Duck Grey Duck
– White people
– Specifically, Scandinavians
– Towns with twice as many bars than grocery stores
– Deer
– Drunk dudes shooting said deer

I hope this list helps out, Twins! Perhaps we will have a few more suggestions in the comments.

– Via Beth: – Dairy Queen
– Via Rachel – Hotdish

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