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Matt Cooke is a disgusting, vile human being, and is commonly regarded as the dirtiest player in the NHL. Some players have a reputation for hitting hard and with marginal legality. Matt Cooke went out to injure. Just ask Erik Karlsson. He played for the Vancouver Caucks and Pittsburgh Penguins. Those are two of my least favorite teams, and a large part of the reason is that Matt Cooke played for them.It’s no large stretch to say that Matt Cooke is my least favorite player in the league.

The Wild signed him this evening.

Some people didn’t like Brett Favre when he signed with the Vikings, because he was such a thorn in the side of the Vikings. I don’t like Matt Cooke because he is a vile scumbag, When he is out on the ice, I will boo him. When he scores goals, I will not cheer. Sometimes, I am upset with a team adding a player because the player isn’t very good or is overpaid (Kevin Correia, for example) but in this case, I am upset with this signing because they added the lowest rung of humanity. Someone who barely scrapes the lowest crevice of decent society.

The Wild traded Devin Setoguchi to Winnipeg shortly before they signed Cooke, which implies that the Wild are using the money they would have paid Setoguchi to pay Cooke. That’s sickening. Screw you, Minnesota Wild. I might just pull for the Jets from here on out.

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