The Twins are on pace for 3-4 more wins. Is it the pitching?!

PJ Walters

Going into this season, one of the things I told anyone who was interested was that the Twins were bound to be better, because there was no way that their pitching could be as historically bad as it was last year. I mean, last year saw Sam Deduno and PJ Walters get a significant number of starts! Now, however, the Twins find themselves cruising for another dismal record, on pace for only 69 or 70 wins. That’s a slight improvement!

The real question, then, involves the pitching staff. Have they improved at all? Yes! Slightly! Let’s take a look at some stats from last year compared to this joyride of a season.

ERA: 2012: 4.77. 2013: 4.41. – Nice! Sam Deduno is better than he was last year in this category, and the bullpen in general is significantly improved.

K/9: 2012 5.9. 2013: 6.0 – Whoa! Easy there Twins pitchers! Don’t throw out your shoulders!

BB/9: 2012: 2.9. 2013: 2.9 – Um. All right.

HR/9 2012: 1.2, 2013: 1.0 – I think this is the big, significant difference between this year and last. It might be because of how cold the beginning f the year was, but maybe the pitching is slightly better. Regardless, the lower home run rate is pretty much the primary reason there has been any overall improvement in the Twins hurlers’ fortunes this year.

(IMO, it’s totally the early season cold weather helping to drive down the HR rate).

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