Let’s look at the market for Justin Morneau

MorneauThe Twins aren’t going to the post season again this year. The Twins have been open about their intent to move fixture Justin Morneau. Angry fans are ready to seem him traded, because it’s going to “free up payroll” or something. Morneau is a popular player that will be tough to let go. With the attention to the farm system that the internet has allowed, there will be extra scrutiny on the return on investment. What IS the market for Morneau then?

Jon Heyman – ” the 2006 AL MVP isn’t drawing significant interest”

Heyman – “In addition, the Orioles and Rangers have shown small interest in Morneau. The left-hander’s $6 million price tag remaining for the rest of the season is keeping some teams hesitant”

SB Nation – “it seems unlikely that a team would have to give up a major piece to acquire Morneau.”

So, the way it looks, if the Twins are dead set on moving Morneau, they won’t be getting much in return. That will not only disappoint the Morneau fans, but also the prospect watchers and those that thought Morneau should have been traded a year ago (though I am guessing the market wasn’t any better). If they don’t trade Morneau and he leaves, the Twins will be second guessed for NOT trading him. If he stays, then they will be questioned for re-upping with a guy they were thinking about trading. I don’t envy the Twins right now.


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