Minnesota Twins trade predictions

MorneauThe trade deadline is coming up on Wednesday. The Twins are definitely sellers this year, and there have been a few names thrown out there as potential trade candidates. I know absolutely nothing, of course, except from what I have heard from rumors, and my basic understanding of what the Twins want to do with the long term. I also don’t have any big moves in my mind about what I would like to see the Twins do this year. There isn’t enough tradeable talent to acquire the type of prospect I would like the Twins to add. So instead of a “Ryan is GM” type of post, I am going to predict what I think the Twins will end up doing with certain players.

Justin Morneau: Nothing. The Orioles are the only suitor, it appears, and I can’t imagine that they will offer the prospects that the Twins would appreciate in return, even if Minnesota eats a lot of the salary. Morneau will re-sign in the off season at a bargain basement price.

Glen Perkins: Nothing. I suspect Perkins is going to be a Twin for another 5-8 years.

Jared Burton: Not sure. If he is traded, it will be today, and it will be to the National League Central. I will guess the Pirates, a team that is familiar with him and needs bullpen help. They are the type of team that has been so bad for so long they may feel the need to do something.

Brian Duensing: Dodgers. I would have said the Braves until they went out and acquired Scott Downs today. I think the Twins are going to be surprised by the interest in Duensing, and will take the best offer, even though it may seem paltry.

Two deals, two relievers gone. Morneau stays, Perkins stays. For a deadline in which I think the Twins will do something, that’s pretty boring.


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  1. We should tradeTerry Ryan. The team is so bad it will take years to rebuild. Look at all the ex twins that were in this years All Star team. The management will pay at the gate in the next few years as they continue to cut payroll. Nick Brown

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