I was all ready to write a lengthy post on how the Twins not making any moves was the correct move for the team to make, and then this tweet came across, shortly after the deadline expired

Not making a move was the right move to make, but trading Drew Butera was even more right. No snark about Butera. He can’t hit but he was an excellent clubhouse guy and a quality defensive player, but the Twins system is replete with catchers. On the 40 man roster, the team has Joe Mauer, Ryan Doumit Chris Herrmann and Josmil Pinto who can play the position. Drew Butera was a 5th catcher on the 40 man roster. It is, to me, completely irrelevant who the Twins will receive in return. This opens a 40 man spot for someone with a longer term future with the team, and will clarify the future of the catcher position for the Twins. Pinto or Herrmann are the catchers of the future, and Joe Mauer is obviously the catcher of the present.

Also, the PTBNL coming back may be Yasiel Puig. WE don’t know for certain that he isn’t!

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