Links of the Day 9/7/13

Hello kids. It’s hot even though it’s September. No, that doesn’t make sense.

Phil Rogers in Chicago thinks Ron Gardenhire is getting axed this year.

As a kid, I was never this nice. I’m still not this nice.

The Olympics will be going back to Asia for the 2020 games. But where?!

Baltimore 4, Chicago 0 – Danny Valencia homered¬†or the O’s in this one, s that’s pretty cool.
Baltimore 4, Chicago 3 (today) – Chicago doesn’t play well against the Eastern Time Zone.
Toronto 6, Minnesota 5 – A huge comeback for the Twins came up just short.
Purdue 20, Indiana State 14 – The Boilermakers, just like every team in the Big Ten, won their early game today.

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