Links of the Day 9/9/13

There are still two games left on the NFL week!. Wild.

Crazier: Soccer fans or One Direction fans?

The Vikings fans are not doing well with Christian Ponder’s outing yesterday.

Costa Rican’s are excellent actors.

New England 23, Buffalo 21 – The Bills were narrowly nipped by the Patriots with a field goal with 5 seconds left.
Seattle 12, Carolina 7 – I think this game, jsut as much as any, shows that the Seahawks defense rather than the offense, should be feared.
Indianapolis 21, Oakland 17 – This was a lot closer than anyone would have liked.
Detroit 34, Minnesota 24 – Christian Ponder threw 3 interceptions, 1 was deflected, another came while he was hit as he threw. Don’t tell Vikings fans that though.
San Francisco 34, Green Bay 28 – I think the 39ers got a little more than they were expecting out of this game.
Chicago 4, Baltimore 2 – The White Sox win! It’s weird posting a winning score here.
Toronto 2, Minnesota 0 – The important takeaway from this game was that Andrew Albers prefers “Drew”.

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