Why is the bar so low for Terrelle Pryor?

Terrelle Pryor

Everyone doubts Terrelle Pryor can help the Raiders this season, and I think a lot of people have happily gone along with this assessment, because haha, the Raiders, amirite? Pryor won the starting job from Matt Flynn this preseason,¬†but around the league, he hasn’t received many plaudits and hasn’t mustered much confidence.

But why? What’s the reason nobody thinks Pryor is capable of leading a team? Pryor was a highly touted recruit coming out of Pennsylvania, and after his junior year at Ohio State was the centerpiece of the tattoo scandal. Instead of facing a suspension by staying at Ohio State, he opted to enter the supplemental draft.

He didn’t leave school because¬†he was a bad player. He took Ohio State to the Rose Bowl and won the MVP there. He took the Big Ten MVP award. He was a game changing force at a national powerhouse. Surely, people don’t doubt Pryor because he isn’t a winner?

He improved dramatically through his sophomore and junior season, improving his completion rate and yardage dramatically, as well as his yards per carry. He ran for over 700 yards in his sophomore and junior seasons, but did it with nearly 30 few carries in his third year. Anyone who can steadily improve likely works hard at it. If you have doubts about Pryor’s polish coming out of school, He has had two years to tune his game.

If you think he has had a bad pro career so far, then I don’t know what to say. He had only been in 4 games and started 1(yesterday’s was his 2nd). He didn’t have a good track record because he didn’t HAVE a track record. Despite what you say about the Raiders, they did have a veteran quarterback who wasn’t as terrible as the rest of his team last year. Pryor was playing because the Raiders already had a quarterback.

If there was a concern about his playing style, I think that can safely be discarded now. Michael Vick and Donovan McNabb started to open the eyes of executives to the potential of a running quarterback, but over the last few seasons Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin and Russell Wilson have helped blow away any doubters of mobile QBs in the NFL. Pryor has always been known as one of the more athletic guys to play the game, starting when he was that touted recruit.

Terrelle Pryor is a very athletic quarterback, who had a couple years to develop behind a veteran leader in Carson Palmer after a good college career. He was a third round pick in the supplemental draft, which you don’t get unless people expect some things from you, and his style of play has become more widely accepted in the NFL over the past couple of years. A third round pick, mobile QB from the Big Ten who usurped a starting role from Matt Flynn. Why doesn’t anyone think this will work?

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  1. Nobody thinks it will work because, like you said we are talking about the Raiders, I can’t wait until Pryor proves all the doubters wrong.

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