Denard Span just keeps on hitting

Minnesota Twins v Los Angeles Angels of AnaheimAh the good times, back when the Twins had Ben Revere and Denard Span. It’s nice to see him back in a Twins uniform, even if it is just nostalgic, isn’t it?

Span has been making news lately for his torrid stretch. Denard has a 23 game hitting streak for the Nationals going right now. This kind of production is exactly what the Nationals were after when they sent a top pitching prospect in Alex Meyer to the Twins.

That said, aside from his batting average aside, Denard hasn’t been the same player in 2013 as he was in 2012. After his lengthy hitting streak, he is now batting .318, which is 3 points higher than last year, but his OBP is 10 points lower (.342 to .332) and his slugging percentage has dropped to .387 from last year’s .395. He is walking less and striking out more. Furthermore, his defense isn’t rated nearly as high as it was last year, and all told, his WAR over 128 games last year was 3.6, and this year, in 141 games, it is only at 3.0.

Obviously, Span is still a good player, but this points to an interesting conclusion. Did the Twins actually sell high on him?


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