Trent Richardson fixed everything


Well, the Colts did it. They acquired Trent Richardson from Cleveland for a first round draft pick, and then today, they beat the NFC Champion from last year.

Yep, that’s what did the trick. Richardson’s 2.7ypc and 3 passing targets (0 receptions) were the all it took for the Colts to knock off the 49ers. You see, Richardson must have been what it took for Ahmad Bradshaw to feel comfortable enough to have 3 receptions and run for 95 yards (with a 5.0ypc average).

Richardson must have inspired the team to help the defense turn San Francisco over twice, and helped shore up an offensive line that allowed only 1 sack.

Of course, I’m being facetious. The Colts didn’t have enough time to incorporate Richardson into the offense, but perhaps showing that the team was really “going for it” so to speak, the roster was inspired.

I will say this though. The Browns sure didn’t miss him.

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