Excuse me while I get smug

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about Matt Cassel vs Christian Ponder, entitled “Matt Cassel: What’s the Point?” It garnered some of the highest hit totals I have ever had here at the Rhino and Compass, and almost everyone disagreed with my opinion that Christian Ponder was a better quarterback than Matt Cassel. Actually, more accurately, my opinion that it made more sense for the Vikings to try and play Ponder instead of Cassel. Cassel had one good game 2 weeks ago, and people signed off on him as the season’s best option at quarterback.

Obviously, going into this weekends game, the Vikings have made a decision that Josh Freeman was going to be the starting quarterback for most of the rest of the year, but I thought it would be interesting to see what some of the people who responded to my post had to say.

Celester Thomas – “Its obvious this guy is clueless. ”

I whiffed! You’re right! Matt Cassel’s completion percentage was 72.7% today!

Scooter – “I watched Cassel last week zing the ball ”

But it was only for 5.48 yards a throw. Also, what is this, Scooter. English? If so, better luck next time.

MikeyG – “Matt Cassel passed the eye testwhere he just looked a lot more comfortable and deliver the ball downfield to his receivers without throwing a pick”

Two picks today.

 vik1961 – “Ponder takes too long with his reads, Doesn’t step up in the pocket enough and that’s why he is sacked so much. He seldom hits the receivers in stride so the receiver can maneuver after the catch for more yards. Cassel’s throws had more zip to them”

Sacked three times, had less than 6 yds per attempt (despite a 72% completion percentage) and what the hell is it with “zip”?

SDPB – “Ponder helped give up those 30 points. Your argument is flawed. Cassel didn’t give up points so they won.”

Two picks, both led to touchdowns against the Panthers.

Rob – Someone forgot to mention the interception ratio. Give aways is what lost all of the other games. Time of possesion is the best defense.

Again, 2 interceptions. Panthers had the ball 36 to 23 minutes. The Panthers. Not the Packers or Broncos or any competent team. The Panthers.

Chris Chartier – “Wow you get paid to write this crap? Ponder is a joke. It amazes me he is still there. Is Cassel better? No they both suck. We need a QB, I’m no sports analyst, it’s called common sense.”

All other stuff aside, I don’t actually get paid to write this crap. Also, “common sense” would be to bet against the guy who has been terrible for 6 years.

Clayton R Brooks II – “Though the Steelers aren’t a good club overall, they still have a tough defense, minus the takeaways, and Matt Cassel was able to dissect them and take advantage of them when they loaded the box to stop AP…..Ponder has been very streaky and at shaky early in the season, something we shouldn’t be seeing going into his 3rd year”

If the barometer for “tough defense” is the Steelers, then I would like to point out that the Browns have been better. And that by QBR, Ponder was better versus them than Cassel was against than Steelers. And really, this is Ponder’s second season starting as the starter. He only started 6 games his rookie year.

Mutt Bucket – “Forest dumber brother has spoken”

I mean, just what the hell

Louie – “Ryan, do two things for me man. Stay on vacation for the rest of the NFL season and find a new occupation. You couldn’t break down a teams abilities if you tried!!”

So… stop being a meteorologist?

But I digress. I just want to rub it in some faces. And yes it is stupid to analyze after 1 game (which is the point).  Josh Freeman is starting next week anyway.

One thought on “Excuse me while I get smug

  1. To be honest i dont think ponder is as bad a quarterback as he has played this season. I wouldnt call the kid a starter but its hard to say. Cassel i will agree is nothing more that a “ok” fill in. As for josh freeman i guess we will find out someday but its hard to rate players when the coaching is this terrible. There is way to much talent on defense to be giving up over 30 points a game,granted it is a young secondary but the veterans up front should be slowing down running backs all day. Could the old guys have just gotten old? Maybe, it happens. Or is Frasier the wrong guy for the job?

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