The Twins surprise at the Winter Meetings

DoumitThe Twins have been extremely active in the off-season this year, or so it appears. They have signed Ricky Nolasco and Phil Hughes to help aid their beleaguered rotation already. In Orlando over the past couple of weeks, they have been rumored to be after Bronson Arroyo and Mike Pelfrey, with less smoke around Paul Maholm and Matt Garza. Nothing transpired in the 4 days in Orlando, however, and that’s surprising, but perhaps not in the way you think.

Or maybe it is, because I have a picture of Ryan Doumit at the top of this page. Early this week, the Twins were rumored to be interested in outfielder Rajai Davis (he eventually signed with the Detroit Tigers)  which seemed to suggest something that I had sort of anticipated, but not to the degree I was expecting. The Twins were going to lose outfielders, but perhaps to the point that they would need to restock.with an additional outfieder.

But then, nothing happened. The Twins didn’t sign Davis, but they also didn’t send off any players. Going into the meetings, I had fully expected the team to jettison Ryan Doumit or Chris Parmelee or perhaps both. IIf they were really aggressive, Oswaldo Arcia is a tantalizing piece for a team trading away pitching. Josh Willingham is desirable because of his power numbers and relatively low salary. There were candidates to be traded that would have left the Twins short on players. Instead, nothing.

This was surprising to me. I wasn’t expecting the Twins to be adding any players of significance this week, but I was expecting them to expunge some players from the roster that aren’t part of the teams’ future. I can’t fault the team for not making any moves though, as the meetings were fairly quiet all around. I suspect there will be moves made before the year is over, but at this time, I have no idea what to expect.


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