Is it time for Yeo to Geo?

YeoSorry for the terrible pun to start you off so shortly after Christmas. And I’m sorry to Mike Yeo for the demeaning topic of this post. He seems like a decent enough guy. But alas, hockey is the least forgiving sport for coaches. The leash is often short, and the coach is eminently replaceable.

The Wild have their sights set on the playoffs. With the money expended on Zach Parise and Ryan Suter, as well as the trade and extension for Jason Pominville, the front office wants results. Currently, the team would be just out of the playoffs. Worse, the team is 2-5 since December 11th. It’s the dreaded word for any contending team. The Wild are in a slump, and for a talent laden team like this, that won’t do.

It doesn’t much matter how much youth there is on the team, from Charlie Coyle to Mikael Granlund, the NHL coach doesn’t have much time to get young studs to reliable stars, as entry level contracts are rather brief, compared to other sports. Coyle and Granlund are good, and will only get better, but the team needs to start winning right now for Yeo’s job to be safe.

Impatient general management is always willing to shake things up. In the NHL, almost every general manager is impatient. The Wild don’t have the inclination to wait for players and chemistry to redevelop. If I were Mike Yeo, I would be worried about my job security.

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