I suppose I will miss the Metrodome


The Metrodome is no longer in use. It’s in the process of being torn down, and I’m slowly coming to the realization that when I take the train downtown, I won’t see the familiar billowing white roof of the stadium I went to so many timesĀ in my life.

Sure, it was a bad stadium — a terrible stadium, really — but it was still home I didn’t know anything different until Target Field (Sure, I went to games elsewhere, but they were enemy stadiums). The Metrodome was the home stadium, and the teams that played there seemed to have an added boost when they played in front of their fans. Kirby Puckett was otherworldly in the 91 World Series, Daunte Culpepper was rolling and the crowd was deafening at the Metrodome.

The Dome was immediately identified with Minneapolis. The skyline won’t look the same without it. High school athletes dreamed of playing at the Dome (I watched 2 state soccer finals there), and everyone in the Twin Cities can identify the feeling of being ushered out the door by the gusty winds as the pressure equalized from inside to out.

The Metrodome was a big deal, hosting a Super Bowl and NCAA Tournaments. It certainly felt like a big deal to me as I was growing up. It seems weird that it will be gone soon.

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