Blackburn is back on your TV!

The Blackburn Rovers, I should say. Not former Twins pitcher Nick Blackburn. The second level team from northern England, the English team of choice at the Rhino and Compass played in the FA Cup against Manchester City in a match that just finished. For whatever reason, the Rovers are always a little bit better in the FA Cup. Perhaps it’s the fact that top level teams don’t necessarily put their best foot forward in these competitions, while lower division teams do. No matter, Blackburn was on!

The good news was, they played to a draw against the top team from Manchester, which was a better result than expected. The bad news is the FA Cup does replays. If there is a draw after 90 minutes, they go ahead and play a whole other match down the road between the two teams, and it will be in Manchester rather than the familiar Ewood Park.

Oh, and this wasn’t good either:

HanleyTaylorCity scored their goal heading into the break, and as time expired, Grant Hanley, described as a “barbaric caveman“, shoved Chris Taylor. Taylor, for his part, looked to be on the verge of tears after the incident.

Scott Dann scored in the second half though, and all was right with the world. With the replay, they might even be on TV again in a couple of weeks!


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