The Pro Bowl is awful

ProBowlTonight is the night where the NFL tries to maintain our interest by airing a game featuring the best players in the game. The players don’t want to play, it doesn’t matter who wins, and it’s barely football. In the olden days, the Pro Bowl was played a week after the Super Bowl. Knowing it was the last NFL competition, we were going to see for several months, people watched it. Now? We had two great games last week, the sporting event of the year is next week. There is no reason to watch the Pro Bowl.

Oh, you’re telling me that they actually drafted the teams? So there is no semblance of organization to the teams? Just a bunch of guys thrown together because Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders said so? What was supposed to make the game more interesting instead makes it more of an uninteresting mockery. No thank you.

What I am trying to say is this: If you are on Twitter, follow @victoriawxrhino, because I will be live tweeting the Grammys!


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