Links of the Day 2/9/14

Hey! How is your Sunday without football going?

The Colts signed a Canadian linebacker. Well, I’m not sure if he personally is Canadian.

Bob Costas looks lonely. Or powerful. 

This is not how National Signing Day works. (Kid settled on Utah)

Football League Championship
Blackburn 0, Middlesbrough 0 – This was a game that happened. The Rovers should probably start piecing together a winning streak.
Kansas 83, West Virginia 69 – I haven’t said it enough. Congratulations to the Jayhawks on adding a worse place to go on a road trip than Stillwater, Oklahoma.
North Dakota State 69, IPFW 58 – I got my IUPU’s confused the other night. The Fort Wayne one is good, so this was the good win.
Ohio State 67, Purdue 49 – Still not making free throws, I see
Minnesota 66, Indiana 60 – It took the Gophers a full 10 extra minutes to score 66 points the game previously.
Western Michigan 74, Northern Illinois 71 – High scoring for a football game. As you may note, this was just an average basketball game.

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