Johnny Manziel: A young Brett Favre


The above quote is attributable to Brett Favre. No, this doesn’t suggest possible parentage (but if you look at the age of each player and…. no, they aren’t actually related). Instead of breaking down the similarities between the two (both of them are bad decision makers with tremendous athletic ability whose stupidity is somehow glorified by the national media as a beneficial intangible, and both players will be pined after by Minnesota Vikings fans for a good chunk of their career.) but rather look closely at the quotes attributed to Mr. Favre. Let’s go!

“I haven’t watched him much,” Favre told USA TODAY Sports recently, “but one game I watched, for like three quarters, was the Ole Miss game.”


Ah yes, there we go. Fabre is definitely not knowledgeable on the topic, but he is still going to get browbeaten into professing an opinion on it. SO CLUTCH.

“I almost thought I was watching film of a young Brett Favre,” said the current Favre, who is 44 and spent 20 years in the NFL.

and has sustained multiple head injuries. Seriously, make sure he’s OK.

“I didn’t think I did a lot of things well (in college at Southern Miss), but he did. And and I liked the attitude of ‘whatever it takes’ — from that standpoint, I liked him.”

“I was not good in college, but he was, so we have that in common”.

“I didn’t throw near as well as him,” said Favre. “He may have that capability — unbelievable throws and can makes plays with his feet.

“I was impressed.”

So basically, Johnny Manziel is a young Brett Favre, according to Brett Favre, because he isn’t really anything like Brett Favre.

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