How will Indianapolis’ draft strategy change?


I check Walter Football regularly through the season, mostly because it is a good catalogue of potential prospects and evolving needs of each team. It may not be accurate or reflect the desires of the team, but it’s a good resource if you want to get an idea of your teams’ potential future.

All season, the site has projected that the Colts would explore defensive line and secondary options, and recently (mostly after the Playoffs) started to slot interior offensive linemen there. Intermittently, they have also suggested a linebacker. This was all before we knew how the team would proceed through free agency, and it’s very apparent that the Colts are going to go a different route in the draft.

Most notably, the Colts have snapped up several defensive players. While they may go for depth, Indianapolis is probably now out of the market for defensive linemen, after re-signing DT Fili Moala and adding DE Arthur Jones, pictured above, from Baltimore. They spent way too much money on LB D’Qwell Jackson, but that should lock up their linebacking¬†corps for 2014.

They did re-sign corner back Vontae Davis which was a huge deal, but that won’t be enough. It’s long been a weakness on the Colts roster, and the additional loss of Antoine Bethea makes it even worse. I can’t imagine that the team won’t be looking at secondary help in the draft. That will not change. Now, however, both safety and cornerback are areas of need.

Additionally, to this point, the team hasn’t addressed the interior line. They released Samson Satele, their center in 2013, and their guard play left a lot to be desired. Don’t be surprised if the Colts sign someone like Alex Mack via free agency, but also spend one of their top two picks on a lineman. Andrew Luck is the money maker. They need to protect him.

Now, however, with fewer needs to address in the draft, they can patch less obvious holes. I’ve been banging the drum for a new wide receiver essentially for the entire season, and I’m not going to stop now. This is a deep draft at the wideout¬†position. Better to spend any leftover available resources on the line, in my opinion, and use one of their middle draft picks on a receiver.

The Colts may not have been adding the right players so far this offseason, but they have been adding them in the right areas, which makes life a bit easier when it comes time to draft prospects.

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